All Seven Chakras Full Energy Reading Session with Crystals and Light Language


All Seven Chakras Full Energy Reading with Crystals, Light Language  is now available.

Book now and get a full understanding of the chakras system and see which chakra requires rebalancing.

This reading is 30 minutes long or one hour long and gives you the full insight about each of your chakras. Crystals for each energy centre will also be used during a reading for the more depth reading and guidance.

  • light language transmissions  during a reading
  • creating of a sacred space for a chakra reading healing session (guided meditation – details will be forwarded at the time of a booking this session)
  • breathing purification before starting a chakra reading/healing session
  • attuning to your energetic field during a reading session
  • diagnoses of your auric field (etheric/emotional/mental bodies)
  • working with crystals and pendulum during your chakra healing reading
  • attuning to each of your seven chakras accompanied with light language transmissions, chakra card readings cards and tarot cards
  • if you book one hour session you will receive an image your personalised crystal meditation grid to work with (in a form of a short private video) and a guideline how to create one

If you would like to receive Crystal and Seven Chakra Full Reading please email me to or

Disclaimer: All tarot, oracle and intuitive readings are for entertainment purposes only. All clients are responsible for their own decisions and choices.

Readings are conducted via Skype or a as recorded private video. 

Tarot and Oracle Cards Intuitive Readings


The price of this type of reading is £43.00 and the length of the reading is 30 minutes. There is one hour Crystal and Seven Chakra Reading also available at £85.00.

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