Humanity is going through a time of transformation and enormous change since the planet Earth’s energetic portals were activated in December 2012. We have been given a choice either to evolve into the higher level of consciousness of oneness or operate from the lower vibrational frequencies of separation. The choice is ours as we all have free will. It is up to us how we use this energy that has been presented to us and made available to all.

It is our beliefs, thoughts and feelings that create our reality. As we become more aware and awaken, we will learn how to focus our energy so we can create the life that we truly desire and deserve. We will discover that we are powerful beings and that the outer world is the mirror of our inner being.

Firstly, we must love and accept ourselves for who we are and as we are. This includes all imperfections and, additionally learn how to be honest with our feelings. The key is to clear and keep our emotional bodies balanced. By recognising and acknowledging our imbalances we will be able to embrace and understand them and finally release them.

Once our energy centres are spinning healthy, the new doors will open for us and we will start attracting people and situations that resonate with our frequency.

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My name is Katarina and I embarked on my spiritual journey in 2009 when I was going through a major transformation. The events that were happening to me at that time led me towards self-discovery and exploring my inner self. I came to the realization that my energy centres were completely blocked and disconnected from the universal flow of energy and the planet earth. I was living in the past or in the future, responding from my past wounds and recreating the same dramas and situations. Literally, I was suppressing my feelings for most of my life as I was not allowed to express them. However, I found the courage to do the inner work. My deep desire to be healed guided me towards Reiki, crystal healing, DNA activations and eventually healing with light language transmission that I channel during all healing sessions. As I have been becoming more healed and complete within myself, new opportunities have opened up for me. This website and all the work here are both result of my devotion to the higher purpose and that is being able to walk a path that my soul has chosen for this current life time.

Today I am fully qualified as a Reiki Master, crystal healer, I channel light language, create high vibrational readings, assist with DNA and light body activation and I am absolutely passionate what I create. Few years ago I was drawn to the world of crystals. This is when my spiritual journey really started so I booked a course in the crystal therapy which I enjoyed tremendously. I spent nearly a year learning about various crystals, studying books and I discovered the power of these amazing ‘Beings.’! Through working with crystals, I have expanded my consciousness, developed intuition and awareness. Each day I am more and more fascinated by their power and magic. Crystals have brought a sparkle into my life and they have definitely transformed my life for the better.

I offer other modalities of the natural energy healing. I am also a therapist in

All treatments complement each other, bring deep relaxation, reduce stress and balance energy bodies.


Creation is art.
Life is art.
We are all living artists.
So, look within yourself and discover your inner essence.
And now, go and play with this energy.
Share your gifts and talents with the world and spread Love.
And by sharing, harmony, peace and balance will shine upon the Earth again.



You are a wonderfully gifted intuitive. I am so happy that you are working with your gift in this world. You are truly serving the twin flame community in your work, helping others on their missions. Your work serves as a form of support.

Words cant explain how thankful I am for your support. This is a difficult journey we are on, but we chose it. We all wanted to come here to Earth to help.

Now, I can move on with
my mission, having support and confirmation that I am on the right track.

I will stay in contact with you in the future again.

21 April 2019

Thank you Katarina, that was a very beautiful reading and made perfect sense to me. So happy to be on this journey with you. Blessings.

24 March 2019

Thank you, Katarina! The reading is extensive and gives me much to look at and consider. I will listen to the reading a few more times to gain as much insight as possible. Thank you so much.

24 March 2019

Thank you so much for taking the time to do my reading. I found it to be insightful and helpful.

24 March 2019

This was amazing. Love your light language, really beautiful, Thank you!

28 January 2019

Wishing you joy and happiness. Thank you for your session it definitely shifted something and I finally broke free from the relationship that was not serving me. I feel free and peaceful. Thank you so much for your service.

19 January 2019

Her readings are deep and unique. One feels how connected she is to you and your truth. The healing session was so powerful that I had results the very next day.

31 December 2018

Thank you as well. You are a humble one of a kind powerful healer.

31 December 2018

Words cannot explain how much Katarina has helped me through this twin flame journey. Thank you so much Katarina for your time and energy. I appreciate more than you will ever know. You have also become a great friend to me. From my heart I send you all the love and joy that you surely deserve.

28 December 2018

Thank you. The reading was amazing.

26 December 2018

Thank you so much for the readings and the light language healing. They arrived at the perfect time and helped me gain perspective on my situation.

21 December 2018

Thanks Katarina, I appreciate you and the beautiful work you are doing.
Thank you so much for this beautiful sacred ceremony. It was very deep & I loved connecting with these sacred healing energies.

It was a beautiful session, thank you so much Katarina. You are a beautiful soul.

December 2018

What a beautiful soul. I had my inner child healing with Katharina this morning and it was amazing. She easily connected with my team of light and walked me through the process.. although I first thought I couldn’t understand the light language my soul did. I felt the shift in all of my bodies and the chakra alignment left me feeling peaceful and relaxed.. 20 min after the session I received contact out of the blue.

2 November 2018

Thank you Katarina for making me feel so much better! Everything you said in the reading resonated. And the healing session you did has brought me immense peace and joy. I will report back when my person of interest figures this all out, lol. In the meantime I will focus more on myself and my own growth like you advised. God bless you always!

Elizabeth, February 2018

"Love and Light"I have been actually working with Katarina for a couple months now and every time we do a session it's always been unique. She is such a loving and kind person. Throughout the time she has been helping me heal I've learned more about myself and ways to also heal my own life with the tools she uses. It's such a blessing and amazing refreshing feeling with the healings she provides. Each session has been prepared for me in just the way I need without me even saying anything to her. Thank you Katarina for your time, patience, guidance and understanding you are very much appreciated.

Amanda, USA, December 2017

My card reading from Katarina brought me a lot of peace and understanding about the struggles that I was going through. She shared so much wisdom and truth in all the messages that she channelled from the tarot and oracle cards. It was a very beautiful reading. She has such a healing, joyful presence and a kind compassionate soul. The distance remote healing session was also a special experience. I felt loving, soft energies around me the whole day, and I was able to release and clear so much old heavy pain with her assistance and guidance. She is very gifted and dedicated. I can tell she puts her whole heart and soul into her mission. And I’m grateful for the chance to get to work with her on my own healing journey.

Karen, Australia, November 2017

I met with Kat 3 months ago following my curiosity with crystal healing. After suffering some trauma in 2016 I had no idea what damage had been caused to my energy centres until after Kat's first session. It seemed there were energy deficiencies with all my chakras but the charge  felt from the crystals encouraged me to pursue this therapy and avoid medicine and pharmaceuticals. After a few more crystal sessions with Kat, she was able to help me re-centre completely and allow for me to receive positive energy once again. My life is on a new path now and I have never felt better. On top of this I have gained a completely new perspective on the universe, energy, self-healing and meditation. I highly recommend Kat's services to anyone.

Michael R. (June 2017)


Goddess Abundantia is the Roman Goddess of Abundance, good fortune and success. Her message to me is that the Universal energy is infinite: ‘There is always plenty for all of us.’

‘Abundance comes from the sacred heart. Here, you are connected to the Universe, unconditional love and as unconditional love is infinite so the abundance is. You are loved by the Universe and the Universe wants you to be happy, joyful, abundant and experiencing yourself with a beautiful smile on your face. So true abundance is when you are fully connected to the Universe and the planet Earth: ‘You will never feel abandoned or lonely.’ The Earth (Gaia) is your home no matter where you were born. She supports love and cares for you. True abundance is connection with the Universe, your openness to the Universe and its energy, allowing to flow through you. As you feel this connection, you will feel loved and supported on your life’s journey here on the Earth. You will start listening to your heart’s desires and allowing your intuition to guide you. Everybody is unique and has different talents and gifts he/she was born with. You can truly be happy only when you know your heart’s desires, listen to it with attention and awareness and not being distracted by others. Acting in this way and the same time staying connected to the Universe you can be fully present in your physical body as well as respecting it. True abundance comes from the feeling of love, sharing your gifts and talents, being happy to share yourself with others without making anybody inferior. The abundance is Love, love for yourself, love for the Universe, love for the planet Earth and love for other human beings and creatures.’