Belly Dance Classes

Belly Dance Classes

Belly Dance Classes

Belly dance is an Oriental dance through which a woman can connect to her own wisdom and to the wisdom of her body. Through dance she can speak to her soul, she can learn about the deepest aspects of herself, she can discover the sacred feminine that is part of her. Belly dance is a healing and transformational art. Dancing from the heart and from the soul shows the wholeness within herself, freedom of being able to express her beauty and love she feels within. Dance is celebration, all feelings can be expressed through the movement, also transformed and healed when she connects with her inner Goddess.

Belly dance is a form of art that allows woman to worship her femininity.  When a woman claims her inner power, when she reconnects with the spiritual world and the mother earth, she can receive universal energy that is healing, balancing that is to be shared with all of us. It is the creative energy within her that is here to unlock all mysteries of life of both the physical world and the unseen realms of the existence. A woman creates a new life although she gives birth to a new version to herself through awareness, understanding nature and natural cycles. A woman is nurturer, her energies are receptive and intuitive.

A balanced and emotionally healthy woman is a good listener and communicator. She cherishes her physical vessel and she sees her body as a sacred temple. When she opens her psychic abilities and her energy centres, each cell in the body awakens and becomes alive. A woman then perceives through intuition, feelings and emotions.

Details for Belly Dance Classes

Anybody can join our belly dance classes – there is no restriction to age or size, there is no judgement. We wish you to have fun and benefit from our classes. In our classes, you will learn to love and accept your body exactly as you are. However, if you wish not to show your belly that is totally up to you.

We are here to help and support you. If you are beginner and you have never tried belly dancing that is perfectly fine. Any form of art requires time, effort and practice to improve your skills. You are welcome to joins us, relax and enjoy.

Workshops and Classes

Thursdays:         6pm – 7pm (5 weeks course; £70.00)

Instructor:          Katarina

Location:             Docklands Sailing and Watersports Center. 235A Westferry Rd, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3QS

Tube stations and buses:

DLR Mudchute Station, take E Ferry Road towards Westferry Road, Canary Wharf (Jubilee Line); Buses: 135, D7, 277

Sundays:             2.30pm – 3.30pm (5 weeks course, £70.00)

Location:            Putney Leisure Center, Dryburgh Rd, London SW15 1BL

Tube Stations:  East Putney, Putney Bridge

warm up, hip work, hip drops, hip circles, chest work, chest drops, belly work, snake arms, arms work, posture, figures of 8, basic shimmy, travelling hip movements, basic Egyptian step, hip circles, a short choreography at the end of each class, Katarina’s choreography performance in the last class.

Booking details:

£14.00 per class, per person. Pre-book is required. Please contact for the payment details or contact us on 07496359076.

Clothing: leggings, dance tops, long skirt, belly dance belt, short or long top, dance slippers (ballet dance shoes) or barefoot, please wear comfortable clothing that is suitable for dancing; any questions please feel free to contact me.



Fees: fees are non-refundable or transferrable If you cannot make the class you have arranged or booked for some reason please email me. There might be a possibility to make arrangements to join us in the next term as a make- up class but please note there is not guarantee for accommodating your request.


We take bookings for: social events, occasions, birthdays parties, celebrations, hen nights, tuitions.

To require prices and details please fill in the form in Contact page or emails us to To secure your booking we require the full payment in advance. Please

Props: fan veils, single and double veil, drum solo, belly dance.