Beauty Facial Massage

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Beauty Facial Massage

Beauty Facial Massage and Skincare

A Beauty facial massage has become one of the most popular skin care routines. A facial not only cleans, exfoliates and nourishes skin but also softens your wrinkles, regenerates cells, relaxes muscles and creates feeling of wellbeing. A facial works best when it is an on-going program of skin care on regular basis and can also be combined with other complementary treatments from Abundantia Holistic Therapies offer. I usually recommend for clients to receive facials on a monthly basis. If a client has more problem skin they might need to book the facial session fortnightly or weekly if necessary.

Beauty and Your Skin

To enjoy wellbeing, good health and feel energetically balanced, it is necessary to take care of our spiritual, mental and emotional health. All levels of ourselves are interconnected and in order to create health we need to understand our natural cycles, how diet affects our skin condition, environment we live in and what kind of impressions it leaves on our being as well as stress and our individual predispositions to external and internal influences.

Your skin continuously modifies itself, inhales and exhales through its pores, produces new cells, protects your body from environment, sun, excessive water loss, infection and helps to remove toxins from your body. If you take care of your skin and its natural rhythms and maintain your skin with healthy lifestyle choices you will start see favourable changes which will unavoidably make you feel better about yourself. Having a good quality sleep, reducing stress on daily basis, drinking at least two litres of water a day, applying good quality skin products (that are gentle and natural), eating healthy, will unquestionably show in your skin condition and your overall health.

Our Face

The most frequent parts we tend to hold the tension are the jaw, forehead and eyes. When this tightness becomes repeated habitual pattern, it becomes locked in the same place and it will be expressed in your face. Everything is written in your face, each glass of wine you have had, a cigarette, sleepless night, sun, stress, anxiety and all emotions you have experienced.


Lymph nodes are critical to our health and if they are in a good health, our skin will glow and radiate. The facial massage can have a very positive effect on lymphatic flow. The massage helps to remove toxins, increases drainage of fluids from the issue and reduces puffiness and swelling, aids in cell renewal and grow, and as muscles become relaxed the whole lymphatic drainage system will work much more better. When lymph vessels become overloaded and stressed, we will see it in our face especially in the morning – puffy eyes and face. Lack of exercise, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, shallow breathing, stress – all these factors contribute to poor blood circulation and lymph overloading.

Benefits of Facial Massage

Through massage and circular movements, the blood circulation will increase and bring nutrients to your face. Skin will become softer and its texture will improve, tensions will be eased, muscles relaxed, stress will be reduced and a sense of feeling of wellbeing will be promoted, the renewal of cells will be increased and puffiness reduced.

Treatment Routine

  • Skin analysis and pre-cleansing
  • Superficial cleansing
  • Towel steaming
  • Deep cleansing
  • Exfoliation
  • Facial massage
  • Face mask
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing

MINI FACIALS take approximately thirty minutes and the treatment usually omits the detailed skin analysis, facial massage or steaming and can be adapted to the client’s needs and time. They are ideal for existing clients or for clients off limited time.

Beauty Facial Treatment

The beauty facial massage treatment requires the consultation before booking a session. At this time I will assess whether you are suited to the treatment. There are certain contraindications that need to be taken into consideration. The Client consultation form will be forwarded to you and you will be asked to review (with my assistance if required) and sign the form. I will explain what exactly is involved in each service of the treatment, how long it takes, what aftercare is required after the treatment. The full Beauty facial massage will take about an hour to complete.

Botanicals Wellness Products

Botanicals wellness products are blended by hand using only carefully selected natural and organic ingredients and no petrochemicals or synthetic additives.

Botanicals products are holistic, very pleasant to use, provide a therapeutic benefit and all ingredients are from sustainable sources.

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