Workshops and Classes

Workshops and Classes



Syllabus for the healing Webinar/Seminar on 3 March 2019 

Cultivating your Goddess/Mother energy


Date:                       3  March  2019

Time:                      7pm London, UK, via Zoom or Skype, online Webinar/Seminar

Duration:               one hour

Cost:                        £34.00


Connecting with your sacred creative energy

 Clearing the space, the mind and setting up clear intentions for healing

Connecting with your own heart before connecting with your own creative energy

Becoming aware of your creative Goddess energy

Connection with Earth and the Golden cosmic light and the middle world of 3dimensional plane

How to create emotional balance and harmony within

Awakening of your inner Goddess

Connecting with your own intuition

Freeing of your sexual creative energies

What emotions do you feel

Working with your inner organs

Connecting with your subpersonalities

Questions and answers

The following be might be included:

What is a new energetic template that twin flame are grounding into this three dimensional plane

Divine feminine and her inner transformation through the alchemical process and how it affects her divine masculine

What is distorted karmic feminine energy/the old mother energetic template and how to release yourself from that energy

Shamanic quantum healing with light language, drumming and shamanic journeying

Crystals, suggestions for tools and preparation for this Seminar will be email to you at the time of registration

To register please email to


Belly Dance Workshops and Classes

warm up, hip work, hip drops, hip circles, chest work, chest drops, belly work, snake arms, arms work, posture, figures of 8, basic shimmy, travelling hip movements, basic Egyptian step, hip circles, a short choreography at the end of each class, Katarina’s choreography performance in the last class.

Booking details:

£14.00 per class, per person. Pre-book is required. Please contact for the payment details or contact us on 07496359076; all other details and venue to be confirmed – coming shortly

Clothing: leggings, dance tops, long skirt, belly dance belt, short or long top, dance slippers (ballet dance shoes) or barefoot, please wear comfortable clothing that is suitable for dancing; any questions please feel free to contact me.



Fees: fees are non-refundable or transferable If you cannot make the class you have arranged or booked for some reason please email me. There might be a possibility to make arrangements to join us in the next term as a make- up class but please note there is not guarantee for accommodating your request.