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Book Your Energy Coaching Session

Book a coaching session to learn about your energy bodies, to recognise yourself as a multidimensional being of life and light who has chosen to experience this earthy incarnation for a purpose of soul growth and evolution.  Gradually, you start to remember your true nature and as these inner changes happen,  your external reality mirrors your new inner state back to you.

It is this understanding that you are a multidimensional being of love and light that operates in this three dimensional plane whose birth right is to experience abundance and unconditional love in your present incarnation.

Limited beliefs, karmic cycles, unresolved emotional issues, feeling rejected or abandoned, incompletions of your inner child has kept you locked in illusions of the mind. You can perceive beyond this physical reality, you can activate your psychic senses to see beyond deceptions and manipulations of the mind. However it takes courage to face the darkest shadows of your inner being to bring light and the golden cosmic energy of the highest energetic frequency into every cell of your body.

You have been born into the mind programming system that feeds on your creative energy and life force energy. Your suppressed emotions act as a fuel to those programs that you have been running on for generations without even being aware that those programs have been installed into your body energy system.

Once you have a full understanding of your energy body system and of your creative channels and how all this works you can turn off the mind programming, the mind dissolves, your heart center opens, you become a fully awakened being of love and light, abundance flows through your newly activated creative channels.

Welcome the new frequency of love and light so you operate from the heart chakra and your soul. As your heart opens you actually become this love and light frequency.

Energy Coaching Sessions

One hour energy coaching session                                        £75.00

30 minutes coaching session                                                   £38.00

Need assistance as soon as possible (one hour)                 £150.00

You will learn to recognise:

  • where beliefs system, judgments, energetic blockages and mind programmings are stored within your energy system
  • how these false belief system have got implanted into your energy system and into the chakra system
  • how tensions and painful memories have got stuck in particular energy points and how these stagnant energies affect a flow of the sexual creative energy, your abundance and attracting love
  • how cellular health affects a flow of your creative energy
  • how to activate your creative channels  and bring in the golden cosmic energy into your energy system
  • a full understanding of the creation and all dimensions, how it all works together
  • remembering your life task in this present incarnation and how to integrate your life task
  • keys to an emotional self-mastery

I am attuned to a very high energetic frequency of the golden cosmic light. I channel light language that awakens your dormant DNA and a soul within a soul matrix. The energy I work with restores sacred geometry within your cells, dissolves mind programmings and energetic implants from your entire energy system.

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