Celebrate Spring with Abundantia Holistic Therapies – Promotions and Offers

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Celebrate Spring with Abundantia Holistic Therapies – Promotions and Offers

Finally, spring is here, days are longer, sun is warmer and nature is awakening and coming back to life after the longer winter, light is getting greater and passion is renewed.

Say ‘Good Bye’ to the winter and welcome this spring with joy and excitement.

I have in store few offers ready for you, so please find a few moments to look below.

Enjoy a new season of growth with Abundantia Holistic Therapies when trees are blossoming and when you can smell scent of spring flowers or feel freshness and lightness of the air.

Spring Promotions – valid until the end May 2018

  • 30 minutes free healing with light language with your first booking either with a private reading or as a part of your first healing session
  • Receive a personalized crystal grid when you book chakra healing reading with light language (in a form of a private video and with light language transmission based on your chakra healing reading)

Tarot and Oracle Cards Intuitive Readings

Special Spring Offers (all readings are provided as a private recorded video) valid until 22 May 2018

  • Special offer for private readings:  £25.00 for 20 minutes reading
  • Chakra Healing Reading Special: £35.00 for 20 minutes reading

All Seven Chakras Full Energy Reading Session with Crystals and Light Language

Healing Sessions and Skype Coaching Package – Purchase 8 Healing Session to Receive

  • Free 30 minutes in the first session
  • Personalised crystal healing grid (in a form of video)
  • 15 minutes free consultation for each session
  • Two cards tarot and oracle reading
  • Online support or via What’s up

Personalised Video Creation per Request

  • 30 minutes long video: £120.00
  • 45 minutes long video:  £180.00
  • One hour long video:     £240.00

Light Body Healing Programmes, Skype Consultations, Sessions and Coaching

 Abundantia Holistic Therapies Services

  • Creation of videos per request
  • Healing programmes that are designed for a private mentoring that includes light body and DNA activation
  • Healing of the inner child
  • Balancing divine masculine and divine feminine within
  • Private readings with oracle and tarot cards
  • Chakra healing readings with light language
  • Healing session with light language
  • Skype healing sessions and coaching
  • DNA and light body activation
  • Cellular healing with light language
  • Personalized healing programmes
  • Reiki healing sessions
  • Crystal healing – soul retrieval, past life regression, release of old karmic patterns
  • Crystal healing workshops and belly dancing
  • Holistic massage and natural beauty

Healing Sessions/Skype Treatment Prices

45 minutes                                           £56.00

One hour                                              £75.00

 One hour and half (90 minutes)           £113.00

 Two hours                                            £150.00

 Two hours and half                              £186.00

For further enquiries or to request a healing consultation session either through Skype or privately or to book a private reading or any other questions please emails us on reservations@abundantiaholistictherapies.co.uk or visit Contact us page.

Please visit our Blog section to read more about Light Body Healing Programmes, Twin Flame Skype Consultations, Sessions and Coaching.

Please visit Treatment Prices for more details.