Classes & Courses

Classes & Courses

Reiki Level I Course -Course Timetable

Reiki Level I  Course  -Course Timetable

Course Cost £185.00

Refreshment and lunch provided, full and professional comprehensive manuals are included in the cost, preparation for Reiki Course and instruction will be emailed prior to the course.


Introduction to Reiki; History and origins of Reiki; Levels of Reiki; Working with Spirit guides; Protection, opening, closing and grounding; Introduction to psychic senses; Meditation; Introduction to Auras and Chakras; What is healing?;What is Reiki attunement?; Reiki Principles; Self-cleansing; Reiki Level I attunements; Preparing your environment for Reiki treatment, cleansing and clearing; Self-Treatment – Reiki hand positions; Demonstration, practise of self-treatment with Reiki, practical sessions; Using crystals and pendulum with Reiki; Creativity with Reiki ( using Reiki with food, animals, plants, drink, healing situations);Treating others with Reiki in the group;Demonstration of Reiki treatment in a seated position; Demonstration of a full Reiki treatment with a person lying on a therapy couch; Reiki and intuition, introduction to card readings; Reiki meditation; Certification for Reiki Level I; Questions, summary, after- advice

Reiki Level II Course -Course Timetable

Reiki Level II  Course  -Course Timetable

Course Cost £260.00

Refreshment and lunch provided, full and professional comprehensive manuals are included in the cost, preparation for Reiki Course and instruction will be emailed prior to the course.


Introduction; Reiki Level I Review; What to expect at Reiki Level II; Spirit Guides, Reiki Guides and Angels; Receiving Message from Reiki Guides; Reiki II Guided Meditation; Meet your Spirit Guides; Awakening of Psychic Senses; Sensing Aura and Chakras; Sacredness and The Reiki Symbols; What gives to Symbols Their Power?; Mantras; Drawing and Learning Symbols Reiki Level II; Reiki Level II Attunement; Using Symbols to prepare sacred space; Using The Symbols for Treatment; How to protect yourself to use Reiki Symbols; Other protection techniques; Calling on Reiki Energy; Self-healing Session; Quick Self-Treatment; Using Reiki with Crystals; Using The Reiki Symbols and Mantras for Meditations; How to use symbols during Reiki session; Mental and Emotional Healing Technique; Reiki Session Level II; Distance Healing; Programming Distance Healing; Reiki for Future Events; Reiki for Manifesting; Using Pendulum in Reiki Session; Healing with Reiki, Chakra balancing with Reiki; Others uses of Reiki Symbols, Creativity with Reiki; Using Reiki Symbols on Problems and Situations; Empowering Affirmations with Reiki Symbols; Sending Reiki into Past Situations; Healing Animals with Reiki; Healing Addictions with Reiki; Reiki Level II Self-Assessment; Case Studies Requirements; Certification Requirements; You are a Reiki Practitioner; Setting up as a Professional Practitioner; Knowledge of Reiki; Anatomy and Physiology; Communicating with Clients; Providing Reiki to Clients; Practice Management; Professional Standards, Ethics and Codes of Practice; Legal Requirements; Professional Development

Reiki Level III Course -Course Timetable

Reiki Level III  Course  -Course Timetable

Course Cost £350.00

Refreshment and lunch provided, full and professional comprehensive manuals are included in the cost, preparation for Reiki Course and instruction will be emailed prior to the course.


Introduction; Your Reiki Journey; Reiki Art Level III; Reiki Guides at Level III; Reiki III Meditation; Preparing for Reiki III Attunement; Master Symbols; Using Master Symbols; The Antahkarana Symbol; Other Sacred Symbols; Meditation for Enhancing Connection; Reiki Moving Meditation; Using Crystals with Reiki; The Reiki Crystal Grid; Psychic Surgery; Distant Psychic Surgery; Cutting Negative Cords; Chakra Scanning and Balancing; Removing Attachments; Enhancing Psychic Senses; Summary of Reiki Level III; Requirements and Case Studies; Certification Reiki Level III

Reiki Level Masters Course -Course Timetable

Reiki Level Masters  Course  -Course Timetable

Course Cost £450.00

Refreshment and lunch provided, full and professional comprehensive manuals are included in the cost, preparation for Reiki Course and instruction will be emailed prior to the course.


Introduction; The History of Reiki Master; Levels of Reiki; The Usui Master Symbol; Reiki Guides; Breathing Techniques; The Tibetan Reiki Symbols; Attunement Preparation; How to Prepare a Student; After the Attunement; How the Reiki Masters Prepares; Passing Attunements Level I, Level II, Level III; Reiki Healing Attunements; Psychic Attunements; Distant Attunements; Attuning Yourself; Practicing Attunements; Teaching Reiki.




Healing of the Divine Feminine – a crystal path to love, return of the sacred wisdom and creativity. 

 TIME: 10:00 to 4.30pm


Saturdays or Sundays 10.00 am to 4.30pm

Cost: £125.00 (one day, our regular price)

Seats available

1-2-1 Tuition Available – Please email us to require more details.


This course will transform you into a new version of yourself.


This healing program will assist you to reconnect with your inner most feelings, fears, hidden parts of yourself, emotions, you will find your own unique way of expressing yourself and you will discover new ways of looking at life and the universe. It is a journey that requires commitment and responsibility from your part.

Healing of the divine feminine is based on my own experience. Few years ago, I was sitting on my knees, crying out of for help because of the emotional pain I was going through. Nobody could hear my cries, nobody ever noticed, nobody did not pay attention – on the outside all looked as usual – business as normal.

We have learned to put a mask on every morning as soon as we close doors. We have been asked to act ‘professional’, and any action or word that has a feeling or emotion attached to, is considered as weakness, vulnerability and being too sensitive. The society does not accept feelings in the corporate world. We follow law, legislation, rules, company policies blindly and we believe that we are not doing anything wrong.

When we disconnect from our feelings and emotions, our physical body suffers. As we hold tensions and we do not do any ‘energy work’, we create disease for ourselves without even knowing and understanding it. We stop listening to the inner voice which tries to catch our attention, we stop listening to our body because we are so disconnected that we only believe what others tell us. We are in this body but we ask others to tell us what is wrong with us.

I devoted the past eight years of my adult life to continuous work – re-educating myself, reprogramming myself, hours and hours of Reiki session, crystal healings, hypnotherapy, learning to self-love and learning that I deserve love and good things in my life. This program is my gift to you. I am inviting you to come on a journey of self-discovery. I am very pleased to share with you what I have learned and how I have managed to free myself from the clutches of the mind.

This crystal workshop is going to be an introduction to the whole chakra system, subtle energy bodies, auras, you will learn how to ground yourself, self protection, how to create a sacred space, meditation and benefits of meditation, prana, how to breathing correctly, energetic protection, how to raise vibrations – using crystals, feeling aura, protecting your home with crystals, introduction to a selection 7 or 8 crystals for each chakra you will be working with at this workshop; activation, opening and closing all chakras using crystals, we will be working with pendulum, you will learn how to cleanse and activate crystals, how to program crystals, we will be creating a simple crystal grid; chakra food and how food affects your energy field, how to create an altar in your home, we will cover energy of divine masculine and divine feminine – twin flame, soul mates and karmic relationship, enhancing and awakening your intuition, what are though forms, emotions and feelings,  all be finished with a belly dance professional choreography. 

Full manual for the course will be provided.

Light refreshment included in the cost (this applies to London Bridge or Liverpool Street location)

To book a course please email us to

We look forward to hearing from you.

Full Moon and New Moon Healing Ceremonies

New Moon in Sagittarius 6th/7th December 2018

 Date:              Saturday 8 December 2018

Time:             11pm London, UK time

Duration:      40 minutes

Cost:                £24.00

Sacred ceremony –return of the sacredness

Opening a sacred space

Connection to your womb

Planting of new seeds of the highest truth, freedom of expression, and your soul true nature

Restoration of trust and surrender

Calling in your twin flame in the higher realms

Meeting your twin flame

Divine masculine sacred initiation

Closing of the sacred space

Connection with lunar energies

Light language transmissions

This New Moon in Sagittarius 7 December 2018

quest for truth
inner peace
feeling free from the old soul contracts, from the old lower energetic contracts
freedom of expressions and direct communication

As Mercury goes direct, this pushes us towards a new, to explore a new opportunity. This New Moon in Sagittarius together with Mercury going direct, calls us up to look into the deepest desires of our hearts. To experience freedom, we need to liberate ourselves from the old soul contracts that are not supporting our highest purpose.

Ask yourself:  what is my true desire that would make my  soul soar and ignited, ask yourself what would make my soul to feel nourished and joyful, what is my truth, how can I express my truth fully, how can I be more open, more intimate, truthful and authentic with myself, so this will too mirrors to others, what I am hiding within me, that covers my truth and my authenticity and therefore inhibits a feeling of freedom.

New frequency to embrace: when I release attachments, I set myself free and set others free


masculine, mutable fire ruler is Jupiter
explorer, seeker, freedom-loving
exploration about what it gives a true value to life
the search for deeper meaning and truth motivates, Sagittarius to explore wider
Sagittarius values freedom
it is this freedom within that needs to be achieved first, to experience freedom in the physical
Sagittarius does not like restrictions, he loves freedom while exploring
Sagittarius needs to feel free to experiment and explore

Mercury direct

Mercury governs communication, thinking, learning, mentality and connections


Expansion, exploration, growth, search for a deeper meaning

Expressing of your personal truth and natural connection, welcoming the new energy planting new seeds of wisdom, truth, authenticity, freedom and honesty

I wish to create a clear connection with my spirit guides, my higher self to direct me towards my highest truth.

I wish to release myself from the old soul contracts that are not for my spiritual and emotional growth. I accept lessons however I am now releasing myself from these old energetic contracts so I can express my freedom and communicate my highest truth.

I wish to express my honesty, authenticity and the highest truth.

I ask for assistance of my higher self and my spirit guides to find myself to be filled up with the courage to stand up for my highest truth.

I trust my Guides to lead me in the right direction towards my soul’s path and to stay committed to my soul purpose.

I am allowing myself to appreciate the beauty of nature and my inner beauty and the inner beauty of my soul, of my inner light.

To register please email to


Abundantia Holistic Therapies

Crystal Rainbow Weekly Meditation Classes

Crystal Rainbow Weekly Meditation Classes

Classes are now running – Dates on Demand

Price:         £36.00 (two hours class)

Places:       six to eight

Location:   London Bridge, Liverpool Street

Crystals for the class can be purchased on the arrival.

Rainbow weekly meditation classes have been created for the purpose of bringing more colour, change, joy and relaxation into your daily life. We have been so accustomed to grey, black or white in offices and in the environment with work in, even clothes we wear that we have forgotten to appreciate natural palette. Colours play a huge part in our daily lives, colours change our vibrations, lifts up our moods and connect us to feelings and emotions. We all look forward to holidays to swim in the sea, walk through the mountains or just experience vastness of a golden desert. Rainbow Meditation Classes offer to renew your relationship with all colours. Each class is dedicated to one specific colour theme. The first class is going to be in sky blue or ocean blue.


  • ocean or sky blue

Throat Chakra

  • expression, creativity, communication, sacred sound, speaking your truth

Rainbow Meditation Classes – Blue theme

  • Meditation with blue crystals and attuning to their energy
  • About blue colour
  • Blue colour in daily life
  • Chakras and aura
  • Throat chakra
  • Breathing technique
  • Assembling a crystal grid with blue crystals and colour meditation/colour breathing
  • Featuring crystals: larimar, blue lace agate, blue topaz, celestite
  • Wearing or bringing one item of ocean or sky blue
  • Chakra Food for throat chakra
  • Oracle cards readings
  • Belly dancing choreography featuring blue

Creativity with Crystals is designed to connect to your creativity. Through sensing and working with the crystals you will learn how to sense and feel their energy, you will learn how to tap into your own creativity, how to use and recognise your gifts and talents, you will learn to use your intuition in the daily life and you will learn to trust your feelings again. Creativity with Crystals will enhance your daily life, it is a practical course during which we will cover:

  • Attracting and manifesting love
  • Full Moon and New Moon Rituals (please see Full Moon and New Moon Page for more details)
  • Manifesting abundance and prosperity
  • Dancing with sacred feminine
  • Working with your sacred creative energy to bring abundance into your life
  • Light language sacred healing transmissions
  • Healing of sacred creative waters
  • Sacred feminine circle with Belly dancing, Divine Feminine and crystals representing the Goddess’s energy
  • Working with five elemental forces
  • Divinations tools and crystals
  • Enhancing intuition
  • Psychic abilities awakening
  • Crystal grids – how to create crystal grid
  • Letting Go – How to let go?
  • Sensing and feelings crystals energy
  • Creating crystal grids
  • Meditation with crystal grids
  • Exploring crystal energy
  • Magic with crystals – crystal simple rituals and ceremonies

Rainbow Meditation Classes – Blue theme

  • To book a class with us please email to



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  • 29 May 2018 (Full Moon in Sagittarius)

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  • 27 July 2018 (Full Moon in Aquarius – Lunar Eclipse)

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December 2018

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January  2019

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  • 21 January  2019 (Full Moon in Leo – Lunar Eclipse)



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