Crystal Healing Therapy

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Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystal Therapy

Crystals are very ancient and their importance have been known through many civilizations. Ancient people believed in their magical powers. They were used during ceremonies, rituals or for channeling the cosmic energies as well as in the healing. Crystals have been worn on the body for thousands of years as pendants, necklaces, bracelets or rings. Their energy can boost intuition, attract abundance and clean your aura. Just simply having them in your presence you will feel more light and positive radiance around you.

Their unique beauty and captivating powers can boost and transform your life. The natural charm of crystals will not only decorate your space but create harmonious environment where you live and work. Golden citrine cluster placed on your desk or in the corner of your room will very probably attract curiosity and attention. Wearing a crystal pendant such as black tourmaline or amethyst is very effective to protect your aura against ill-wishing or psychic attacks. Black obsidian sphere is a very attractive piece to be situated in your home not only as a decorative object but also for repelling negativity and protecting your home from unloving thoughts. If you want to attract more love, look for rose quartz and place the crystal by your bed or on your altar. The stone is not only crystal of love between partners but rose quartz is an archetype of unconditional love – for oneself, children, family, friends, earth, nature, the universe and the Devine.

Crystals work with the human energy field and can focus, move, direct and transmit energy within the body. Through their resonance and vibration, the human biomagnetic sheath (Aura) becomes rebalanced and cleansed. This way many physical, psychological disorders can be relieved and eased that have been suppressed and unresolved for many years. Through the healing powers of crystals, the person will connect with their own truth and reclaim their own strength.


Crystal Healing

Crystals heal holistically – they calm emotions and mind, neutralize and align the body. By placing them over chakras, they will gently release suppressed feelings and emotional blockages and the energy centres will become balanced and rejuvenated. Chakras take out the healing energy of crystals to your body and distribute the healing energy of crystals. Each crystal radiates a unique healing energy but all crystals work in harmony.

Emotional stress takes a huge toll on your immune system. It is not caused by external circumstances but by our individual response to these situations. Chronic stress results in headaches, pains, stomach ulcers, cancer and diabetes. The emotional stress becomes locked in our physical bodies and once it settles, the life energy will stop flowing freely. This way our cells become starved of life force energy and prone to diseases and illness.

The regular crystal sessions brings a tremendous benefit to our health and plays a major part in preventing disease. It is also the responsibility of the individual receiving the healing to open himself/herself to a new energy and let go the old and outdated patterns.


Crystal Healing Session

I usually start the crystal healing session with a consultation. Throughout the consultation we will have discussion of any spiritual, mental or emotional concerns, your medical history and your needs. We will also discuss how you are going to benefit from the treatment whether you are suitable for the treatment and we will talk about your treatment plan.

It is advisable to remove shoes, jewellery, belts and anything from your pockets to ensure that the body energies are not obstructed by other electromagnetic fields. I always advise my clients to wear light, comfortable clothing.

During the session you may experience tingling, visions, colours or other body sensations or it is possible for old memories and feelings to surface before they are released. This means that energies have been shifting within the body.

Crystal Healing Therapy

  • Preparing the environment
  • Breathing techniques
  • Spiritual pathways centering
  • Cleansing of auric field and balancing
  • Scanning of auric field and of all chakras
  • Crystal placement
  • Emotional release
  • Chakra balancing
  • Releasing of karmic cycles
  • Past and future crystal healing therapy
  • Energizing chakras with crystals
  • Releasing of negative energies
  • Clearing and letting go
  • Cellular healing and DNA activations
  • Letting of old programming and templates
  • Light language transmissions
  • Working with the golden cosmic energy of a very high vibrational frequency .

At the end of a session I will take a photo of stones I used during the crystal healing. We will then review and discuss their properties and how the information might relate to you. This will give you understanding how to begin healing yourself.

The crystal healing session lasts one hour. 

Techniques I Use for Crystal Healing Sessions

Chakra array crystal healing
Chakra and subtle body balancing, past life regression, soul retrieval
Healing with crystal nets and grids
Guided crystal healing

How often shall I have a crystal healing session?

Every treatment energizes, balances and aligns your subtle energy bodies and each session is different. The crystal energies that have been absorbed into your bodies, need to be processed and settled before the healing can take place.

I would recommend you have a healing session with me to see how you feel and respond. Then we can work on your treatment plan and you can decide how often you wish to have a session.

Do I still need to see my GP?

Yes, the crystal healing therapy is considered as a complementary therapy and they are not a replacement for your medical treatment of any kind you may be receiving. Crystals are here to gently support and help with your healing.

How crystals help?

  • Release stress and calms
  • Assist with finding inner power and strength of your being
  • Realigns your subtle energy bodies
  • Release negative and toxic blockages
  • Improves the flow of life force energy throughout your system
  • Open your channels to connect your with the planet Earth and the Universal Energy
  • Improve your overall health and rejuvenate your body

What can I experience during a crystal healing session?

Everybody’s energy is different, some might not experience anything at all, some might fall asleep or feel sensations around their body such as tingling, heat, cold or they might see colours or images from the past.

How will the crystal session benefit me?

Our true nature is to live in harmony, piece, joy and to truly love ourselves and to accept everything as we are. When you begin to love yourself you will find the connection with your divine essence. We came here to evolve and create. In order to do this, we need to raise our vibrations and clear away everything that is holding us back – our distorted beliefs, fear, anger, blame, guilt, jealousy, judgment, shame, greed and mainly our feeling of being separated from consciousness. Crystals assist us with balancing aura, chakras and blending spirit and matter, creating a new way of being and living.

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Crystal healing therapies, healing with Reiki, DNA and light body activations healing programmes will bring significant changes in the physical life and the physical body, improved health, also this might  include changing jobs, creating a new healthier lifestyle, a different career, relocation, leaving relationships that will no longer be the energetic match with a new frequency and vibration. All outdated thought patterns with negative associations, old emotional wounds will come for review and for release from the cellular memory, subtle bodies and chakras system that have been limiting  and preventing from expressing the full potential as a fully empowered ‘being’. I connect with a very high vibrational energetic expressions and I channel  light language from the higher dimensions during healing sessions. Light language transmission assists humanity to transform and evolve, to expand its awareness and increase its energetic frequency within cells, thus preparing ‘ human beings’ for being able to increase ‘light’ within the energy field and strengthening  one’s spiritual awareness towards enlightenment and ascension.

Crystal healing therapies, healing with Reiki, DNA and light body activations healing programmes work holistically and are complementary therapies and are not a replacement for your medical treatment of any kind you might be receiving from your general practitioner or any other medical professional.

All clients are responsible for their own decisions and choices.

Katarina or any member of our team are not giving any medical diagnosis or legal advice. By purchasing her services you understand that you are responsible for your own choices and decisions. Katarina is not responsible for your free decisions or choices you might make after using her services. Katarina can not promise any guarantees if you are looking for a specific results connected to services provided by her, nor she be held responsible for any liabilities associated with her services.