Cancer Season 21 June to 20 July

Cancer is the feminine water sign that is ruled by Moon. Cancers can be very sensitive, intuitive and caring. They feel very deeply and listen to their heart. Their sign is the water crab that hides in its shell. Cancer is very protective, she cares for those she loves. Cancer is about home, family, acceptance, nurturing, sometimes she can retreat and she wants to spend some time alone. Cancer is associated with ‘the mother energy’, she carries qualities of nurturing. Sometime Cancer can be a bit ‘moody’, perhaps because she might be holding onto the past memory and therefore finding it difficult to move forward.  However, once she matures, she is able to develop the inner strength and deep understanding of self-love. Cancer is very intuitive and she can support others very well.

The ruling planet is The Moon.

 Moon represents the past, the high priestess archetype, emotions, unconscious patterns, early childhood’s experiences will affect how Cancer feels about her emotions. When somebody feels welcomed and fulfilled emotionally, there will be inner emotional security, this person will be intuitive and trusting their feelings.

Tarot Card – The High Priestess

Governed by The Moon, the element is water, she relates to intuition and to feminine cycles, carries sacred wisdom, the connection to the spiritual world.



The Best Healing Crystals for Cancer 

Rose Quartz: heart chakra, water element, love, emotional healing, unity with the Divine.

Rose quartz is a beautiful stone of love. This crystal activates the heart chakra and dissolves any blockages with regards to betrayals, mistrust. Rose quartz lends soothing vibration that calm the energy field down, creates inner peace, harmony. It is a very powerful healing ston that can transform negativity into compassion and forgiveness. The stone aids to release stress, fear and emotional trauma. By holding the crystal – allow your heart to open to receive the expression of the divine love.


Blue Calcite: throat and third eye chakra, enhances psychic abilities.

Blue calcite is very calming and relaxing stone. Its blue colour connects one with the Angelic energy of protection. This crystal balances the throat chakra and enhances psychic abilities and intuition. You can work with this crystal if you wish to develop and strengthen your inner vision and intuition. Blue calcite supports creativity and its energy brings empowerment into one’s energy field. This is the crystal of awareness, truth, clarity, inner vision and soothing emotions.



Mookaite: third eye, solar plexus and root chakras,  earth element, helps to develop connection to the earth, ancestral and cellular healing.

This crystal assists to raise vibrations, regenerates cells and body, helps to maintain a positive outlook therefore it supports vitality and longevity. When working with mookaite jasper you might clear the ancestral linage and see your lessons. The stone supports a deeper understanding of behavioural patterns in the family and in the crystal healing those patterns can be released. You might also awaken a deep ancestral wisdom through connection with the earth and with the nature that this crystal enhances and brings.

Rainbow Obsidian: root chakra, earth element, shamanic journeying into the darkness and returning back to Light

Rainbow obsidians carries shades of blue, red, green, and gold. This crystal helps to clear the emotional bodies from the past trauma. Rainbow obsidian grounds the light  and dissolves the lower density from the auric field.  Rainbow represents hope and miracles. When one feels down, this stone illuminates shadows and uplifts mood. Meditate or work with this crystal to understand your shadows of your own unconsciousness and you will move all forgotten/rejected parts of yourself into the light.

Rainbow Moonstone: third eye and crown chakra, wind element, intuition, the goddess energy, self-discovery

Rainbow moonstone is a really beautiful crystal that radiates joy and amazing prisms of light into the aura and into the immediate surroundings.  This crystal helps to develop inner strength and it is a stone of psychic protection. Rainbow moonstone is a high vibrational crystal that can activate light body. Rainbow moonstone empowers the goddess within and connects to the mother nature. Excellent crystal for deep emotional healing.


Black Tourmaline: root chakra, earth element, protection, purification, grounding, dispels negativity

This crystal is very good for psychic protection. Keeping the stone with you, can help with removing of any destructive energies from the auric field, your surroundings or environment. Black tourmaline is powerful ally when it comes to clearing imbalances and disharmony. Black tourmaline is an excellent purification crystal for etheric, emotional and mental bodies. When you work with black tourmaline, your energy field becomes purer, you will feel more grounded and centered. Holding the crystal creates a protective shield around the energy field. If you are looking for any solution to a problem, meditate with black tourmaline.

Carnelian: root, sexual, solar plexus chakra, fire element, courage, action and confidence

 Carnelian attracts with its vibrant orange colours. This crystal brings life force energy into all chakra system, it is a stone of vitality, promotes health, activates passion and  courage. If you need to take an action and you have been procrastinating or you have been feeling that you are stagnating in some areas of your life,  work with carnelian as this crystal with lend courage and willpower to move towards your desired path. Affirm to yourself that ‘you are filled with energies of confidence, motivation, creativity, inner empowerment towards your new goals and dreams.


Leopard Skin Jasper: all chakras, earth element, shamanic healing.

 This crystal is associated with deep shamanic journeying. It is a stone of protection. In your shamanic journeying you might also encounter spirit animals of jaguar, leopard or panther. Meditate with leopard skin jasper and you will be transformed into a deep forest where you connect to the voice of the mother nature and her surroundings. Here, you will discover calmness and your mind will become clearer. Leopard skin jasper helps to attract abundance and prosperity into your life.


Rhodonite: heart and root chakras, element of fire and earth, love, discovering of hidden gifts and skills,  compassion, inner child healing, love, self-worth, cocreation and working with others.

 This is a stone that carries pink ray of love. If you have been searching how to discover your hidden gifts and talents, meditate or do a dream work with Rhodonite. You will receive subtle messages in directions towards your soul purpose. This can bring a profound change in your own inner experience and you can develop a strong sense of self-worth by answering a call of your inner knowing towards your unique spiritual path. Affirm that you are ready to uncover your hidden gifts for the benefit of all and for the greatest good of all involved. Excellent crystal to heal the past emotional wounds or co-dependency, betrayals, past life abandonment and issues.


Ruby: root chakra, earth element, courage, passion, strength, protection, life force energy.

Ruby crystal is such powerful healing crystal, full of life force energy, passion and vitality. If you are thinking to embark on a new adventure, wear ruby crystal as this can help to increase your self-confidence, trust and openness to new exciting ventures. If you feel that you might be lacking courage, meditate with ruby and reflect deeply on your hidden insecurities or fears within the root chakra. This crystal strongly energized the base chakra that represents your home, security and stability. It is the stone of prosperity. The stone stimulates and balances the heart chakra too.


 Pearl carries very strong spiritual and healing qualities. They represent connection to the feminine, her intuition, wisdom and also they connect the earth. Pearl protects against the lower energetic attacks and can be worn as a talisman. Pearl is not a crystal however they have powerful healing properties. In ‘Moon healing ceremonies or rituals’,  Pearl can be used as a tool to enhance the wisdom of the Goddess as their vibration is gentle and work well on bringing energetic balance within your energy or auric field.

Turquoise: throat chakra, storm element, communication, truth, certainty.

 Turquoise is an empowering crystal. This stone can help to release stress and heal the whole body. It is a stone of protection and during the ancient times turquoise was used to dispel negativity from the environment. If you feel emotional mood swings, hold the crystal to achieve calmness. The stone can enhance creativity and certainty while looking for a solution. Turquoise is a stone of truth, clarity and good fortune. Meditating with turquoise helps to dissolve lower soul energetic contracts so one can step into their full authentic expression of their own soul.

Aquamarine: throat and heart chakras, water element, communication, expression of truth, release of the old emotions.

 This is a beautiful crystal for energizing and activating the throat chakra. If you work with aquamarine, you will feel relaxed and calm. There is a deep profound  wisdom that radiates from this crystal. This crystal helps to dissolve blocks with regards to communication, if you feel frustration or stagnant and it teaches patience instead.  For couples, you can learn how to communicate truthfully, honestly and  with clarity when meditating with aquamarine. Aquamarine is the stone of honesty and truth, can be worn as a talisman, protects the auric field, sharpens inner knowing and intuition, promotes courage and spiritual awareness.


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The Goddess Awakening – Emergence of the divine feminine


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