DNA Activations and Healing with Light Language Transmissions

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DNA Activations and Healing with Light Language Transmissions

Healing with Light Language

Light language carries light codes and photons that awaken your dormant DNA, your junk DNA. Light language is a natural sound healing of your soul that allows to reconnect with the higher level of consciousness, your multidimensionality – you only to remember.

Through expressing and translating lights codes into spoken vowels and  words, light language frequency awakens consciousness in each of your cells. Each cells within your body carries a memory and each cells starts to respond and align with universal life force energy once energetic connection is made between consciousness of your cells and the frequency that light language carries from the higher energetic dimensions.

Light language transmissions hold very high frequency and it is this high vibrational frequency that assists to release toxic and distorted energetic frequencies from within your cells as these toxic energies are preventing humans from reconnecting with their multidimensionality and thus step into the next evolution cycle of their soul.

Your cells within your human body has their natural ability to self-healing. It is by bringing light into your cells through the frequency of the light language when cells awareness awakens, cells repairs themselves, sacred geometry restores within cells and they expand with this new frequency when all within you  becomes ‘light’ thus activating your light body.

The intensity of healing with light language illuminates all distortions within your cells because these lower energetic frequencies simply cannot sustain themselves in the presence of light.

Path towards Freedom – Soul is Limitless

Shifts and changes will manifest in your physical life as your cells integrate these new frequencies. Every aspect of your life will need to be reviewed as you go through this process because they will not reflect your new energetic vibrations. This might include changing your job, career, relocating, leaving relationships that are no longer your energetic match. As your dormant DNA awakens, you slowly star taking steps out from 3D world of duality and mind illusions. Through this process, you will learn to trust and have faith into the divine. All that you have believed that has been keeping you safe and secure will be shattered and removed, your values as you perceive life now and then, will be different. It is this divine spark within that will grow stronger with each new step on this path towards your multidimensionality. You will acknowledge your higher purpose of your existence on earth and this way you will assist with the earth’s ascension and the next evolutionary cycle for the whole cosmos.

DNA Activation Process and Benefits

  • Ability to self-healing and thus improvement in your physical health
  • Releasing of thought patterns with negative associations
  • Releasing of old emotional wounds and past experiences
  • Releasing addictions, lower vibrational patterns
  • Creating, manifesting abundance and prosperity
  • Utilizing your gifts and skills to bring more bliss and fulfilment into your life
  • Connecting with your higher purpose
  • Releasing old emotions of not accepting or judgments of not being good enough or worthy
  • Transmutation of lower energetic frequencies into the higher frequencies of light and unconditional love
  • Releasing limitations and all that has been holding you back
  • Raising quality of your life and love relationships
  • Connection with your higher self
  • Releasing of karmic patterns from the previous lifetimes
  • Reconnecting with your creativity and feminine aspect of yourself and thus rebalancing both masculine and feminine, bringing your being to the wholeness

 Sacred Tools for DNA Activations Process

  • Light language transmissions
  • Healing techniques that are to create awareness of all energies that you hold within, thus awakening your psychic senses and anchoring high energetic frequencies within cells and subtle energy bodies
  • Sacred geometry crystal mandalas and grids
  • Hight vibrational crystals
  • Intuitive energy readings (visions, sensing energy, seeing energetic implants within chakras and subtle energy bodies, receiving of subtle messages, inner knowing, working with high vibrational beings during a session)

To book a healing consultation with light language , coaching, Skype sessions please email to reception@abundantiaholistictherapies.co.uk or reservations@abundantiaholistictherapies.co.uk or you may visit contact page to fill a form on our website.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Lots of love. Katarina


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DNA and light body activations healing programmes will bring significant changes in the physical life and the physical body, improved health, also this might  include changing jobs, creating a new healthier lifestyle, a different career, relocation, leaving relationships that will no longer be the energetic match with a new frequency and vibration. All outdated thought patterns with negative associations, old emotional wounds will come for review and for release from the cellular memory, subtle bodies and chakras system that have been limiting  and preventing from expressing the full potential as a fully empowered ‘being’. I connect with a very high vibrational energetic expressions and I channel  light language from the higher dimensions during healing sessions. Light language transmission assists humanity to transform and evolve, to expand its awareness and increase its energetic frequency within cells, thus preparing ‘ human beings’ for being able to increase ‘light’ within the energy field and strengthening  one’s spiritual awareness towards enlightenment and ascension.

DNA and light body activations healing programmes work holistically and are complementary therapies and are not a replacement for your medical treatment of any kind you might be receiving from your general practitioner or any other medical professional. All clients are responsible for their own decisions and choices.

Katarina is not giving any medical diagnosis or legal advice. By purchasing her services you understand that you are responsible for your own choices and decisions. Katarina is not responsible for your free decisions or choices you might make after using her services. Katarina can not promise any guarantees if you are looking for a specific results connected to services provided by her, nor she be held responsible for any liabilities associated with her service