Full Moon in Sagittarius Crystal Healing Ceremony

Full Moon in Sagittarius Crystal Healing Ceremony

Full Moon in Sagittarius Crystal Healing Ceremony

Date:  9 June 2017

Full Moon Ceremony

Location: London

Price:     £38.00

Time:     early evening time tbc (two hour’s ceremony)

Crystals can be purchased on arrival.

Full Moon is about releasing everything that is no longer serving you, it is time let go off everything that is preventing you from manifesting your heart’s desires, it is time to release all hidden aspects of yourself that are not serving to your soul’s purpose.

What are you ready to release? June Full Moon in Sagittarius helps to release old beliefs, thinking patterns and fears. This Full Moon is a great time for a spiritual transformation and inner healing.

Ask yourself questions: What is not serving me for my highest and greatest good? What do I need to move away from to fully experience freedom of my soul?  What brings me enjoyment in life and what is stopping me from experiencing this? How can I find myself easily enjoying relationships with people? What do I need to transform and shift in order to experience fulfilling relationships? How do I find myself to be more receptive? What is blocking me from being receptive? How can I release fears and overcome mind limitations?

Sagittarius rules the natural world and intuition. This zodiac sign loves freedom, adventure and exploration, and also rules quest for truth and direct communication.

The Full Moon’s energies are powerful, intense but creative.

Celebrate with us this June Full Moon in Sagittarius. Get rid of old ways and welcome new. Full Moon ceremonies are magical. Through rituals we connect to natural forces of fire, water, air, earth and ether.


Dance makes you understand your inner essence, dance connects you with your feelings, dance makes you respect and love your body and yourself. Through dance you can access the creative energy which opens your channels to different realms and aspects of your higher self.


Sagittarius is masculine, mutable fire sign, ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius is an explorer, seeker, philosopher, freedom loving and uncommitted. Image of the Centaur and Archer with his Arrows.

  • Full Moon time is ideal to release old
  • Full Moon can bring projects into fruition
  • June 2017 Full Moon: time for spiritual transformation and inner healing
  • Saturn Retrograde: find courage to let go off old structures and limitations, instead focus on where your soul guides you, what your souls wishes to explore and experience
  • June Full Moon 2017: time to reconnect with the planet earth and your physicality
  • June Full Moon 2017: reconnect with the higher spiritual realms through meditation with high vibrational crystals and allow yourself to receive guidance
  • Full Moon: connection with the divine feminine, emotions, creativity, nurturing
  • Full Moon: use the power of intention and will, allow to receive, trust and have faith
  • Full Moon Ritual crystals: can be purchased on the arrival
  • Connecting to Goddess through dancing

It is going to be a magical full of crystal rituals evening accompanied by belly dancing.

If you would like to attend please email to reservations@abundantiaholistictherapies.co.uk

Venue and the location to be confirmed at the time of booking.

We look forward to seeing you at the venue.