Healing Consultations with Reiki, Crystals, Spiritual Guidance with Tarot/Oracle Cards

My background and a short history

My name is Katarina. I lived in the country  that was  under the rule of the communist regime. We had no freedom. I understand well what it feels like to live in an environment which is based on fear and suspicion. My parents could not afford to pay a university fee so I had to start working at the age of 18. I arrived in the UK in the spring of 1997. Ready for a new adventure and eager to create a new life which would bring joy and happiness. My passion and zest for life fuelled me, helping me through very difficult times in what was for me in more ways than one a very foreign country. I tried all kind of jobs – as an Au-pair, cleaner, barmaid, waitress, receptionists, and property negotiator for a very well established and prestigious real estate company . In 2009 the circumstances that I found myself in were so intense that in order to redefine the meaning of existence I understood the need to journey into my ‘inner world’. I embarked on a spiritual journey to heal my inner being, my inner self, my spiritual self. With the intention of rediscovering my inner power that everybody possess and owns. The healing process was very painful – healing of the dis-eases that humans inflect on each other out of unconsciousness, due to lack of spiritual awareness of self, called by some the art of self-realization.

Last year in 2015 I found the courage to leave my secure and successful full time job and take a risk to set up my own holistic therapy business. I started from zero – from nothing, needing to re-educate myself in all aspects of holistic care and healing of mind-body and spirit. There was no help, and no support. During this time in 2015, I was forced to reconnect with my creative side that had been subdued during my life journey due to emotional trauma’s I had experienced. It all takes time focus, determination, devotion and very importantly KNOWING YOURSLEF SO WELL THAT YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING AND TO BE ABLE TO LISTEN TO YOUR HIGHER SELF AND INNER GUIDANCE. And this would become part of the great purpose of my work – bringing people back to their own inner being enabling them to uncover and rediscover that something special that is hiding and crying to be released within each and every embodied soul on our beautiful planet mother earth.

There is no need for anyone to go through the same amount of suffering that I had to experience. I now know and acknowledge that I AM a star seed and light worker. I have been incarnated here on planet earth as a volunteer soul from the Pleiadian star system in order to help others through the great cosmic awakening known as the ascension. I would not be able to understand human feelings without me being able to experience them directly and feel your pain in my being, hence the need to incarnate in human form. One only needs to open your heart fully and welcome these new energies into your being to recreate a new version of yourself.

Shared with love and best wishes


Healing Consultations with Reiki, Crystals, Spiritual Guidance with Oracle and Tarot Cards (we also offer Skype sessions)

I am a natural clairsentient. I use this sacred gift in Reiki and Crystal healing sessions. My life purpose is to guide others towards their spiritual connection, understanding their feelings and emotions.

All personal events and experiences have given me wisdom and understanding of the universal laws which are based on unity, love, harmony and abundance.

Healing consultations are designed for your spiritual, emotional and mental healing. Oracle and tarot card’s messages are used for a purpose of spiritual and an additional guidance.

Treatment Prices

Skype healing consultation

30 minutes          £36.00/approx. 36 Euro/approx. USA $44.00

One hour             £69.00/approx. 85 Euro/approx. USA $86.00

Healing consultations (a dedicated therapy room London)

One hour             £73.00

Two hours           £146.00

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