We would love to present a collection of our ‘High vibrational healing sessions‘ that are currently available to purchase online.

Please see details in each description box and if you have any questions before you make your purchase please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to help and assist on your ‘healing journey’ towards oneness and your return back to love and light.

Team at Abundantia Holistic Therapies



Heart chakra activation with pink and green colour rays

11 minutes £5.09

Crystals: pink cobalto calcite, tugtupite, moldavite, ruby fuchsite, chariote, peridot

Light language transmission, listen with your soul to light codes.


Twin flame guided healing with light language – heart, sacral chakras and all chakra balancing

22 minutes £4.96

Guided healing with light language – healing with unicorns.

Colour rays: green, orange, peach, pure crystal white.

Heart chakra to bring energy of flow, to release attachments and past wounds, connection with a soul, deep wounds healing.

Sacral chakra to renew passion and creativity, vitality, courage, confidence, to bring ligthness, opening yourself up to take a new path to take action that is aligned with your soul.

Healing with a peach colour ray for all chakras – to bring balance to all chakras, inner silence, self-acceptance, trust and connection with your feminine side, balancing inner masculine and feminine.

Healing with a pure crystal white colour ray to bring clarity into all chakras, to establish a strong connection to your higher guidance.

Crystal grid and crystals:

carnelian, clear quartz crystal points, pink tourmaline, green tourmaline, Nirvana high vibrational quartz (in the middle).


Light language healing transmission – light codes integration into the heart chakra and activation

20 minutes £9.03

The healing session includes:

Deep heart awareness
Bringing of divine qualities into your heart center (compassion, forgiveness, kindness,
honesty, self- love, self-acceptance); activation of your heart center with pink azeztulite healing crystal
Connection with the golden cosmic light
Dissolving of emotional blockages from your heart center, emotional healing
Integration of your higher light into your heart center
Communicating with your heart
Becoming aware of your inner beauty
How to stay connecting with your heart at any time



Light language healing – inner joy, etheric purification, release from the past timelines

17 minutes £8.99

Beautiful crystal grid: 
amethyst, golden’s healer quartz, orange calcite, yellow jasper, amber, black tourmaline, clear quartz and citrine
working with violet ray, orange and yellow ray colours

Light language healing transmission:

Grounding solar energy of amber
Renewing life force energy vibration within the body
Transforming of the stagnant energies from the past time lines
Clearing of family patterns
Removing of harmful emotional patterns and emotional patterns
Drawing spiritual light into the body
Stimulating of the creative energy
Etheric purification



Twin flame light language transmission – release of self-doubts and encoding light codes within cells

12 minutes £4.99

Root, sacral, solar plexus and throat chakras activations

Shift in consciousness towards nature
New beginnings based on spiritual transformation
Return of the ancient wisdom
Releasing of the ancestral patterns/karmic patterns
Release of self-doubts
Encoding joy into the energy field
Grounding light into the cells
Throat chakra activations
Divine masculine activation of expressing his deepest feelings
Freeing from the old emotional patterns
Integrating light into the physical body




Healing of your inner child with light language transmission and guided meditation, crystal grid and sacred geometry 

 15 minutes, £9.25

Centering breathing, expanding awareness, feeling of the unconditional love, embracing sacred geometry through light codes, connecting and communicating with your inner child.
Beautiful light language transmissions.


Light language transmission with Anandalite healing crystal to purify auric field

13 minutes £8.99

Purifying and cleansing of auric field with Anandalite healing crystal and light language transmission to prepare for your nervous system to anchor higher energetic frequencies.

Very powerful light language transmission to cleanse your auric field, to learn to sense energies within your aura, to sense what energies are preventing your from ascending to the higher frequency, to sense toxic energies within your auric field. This light language transmission is to purify your auric field, become aware what you hold onto in your auric field. Lots of love.

Anandalite or Aurora quartz holds a very high vibrational energy to prepare your nervous system to anchor light codes and high frequencies into your cells.


Twin flame clearing and activation

13 minutes £8.46

All chakra clearing and balancing
Removing of the emotional blockages that might have been creating the inner conflict
Worthiness of love and abundance
High vibrational light language activations and transmissions
DNA activation


Full Moon in Scorpio Sacred Ceremony  

1 hour and 6 minutes £33.85

The Syllabus – Sacred Healing Webinar – Full moon in Scorpio 7 May 2020 – the sacred healing can be worked with at any time.

Shamanic journeying and opening of the sacred space
Transformation and rebirth
Diving into the lower world
Visiting the chamber of wounds
Working with your own power animal during the shamanic journeying
Connecting with your own soul light
Expanding as soul
Working with your shadow aspect of yourself – the shamanic quantum healing
Recognizing your own inner garden -the beauty of your own being
Receiving your own soul’s love for yourself by yourself
Rising of The Phoenix – confidence, strength and a new direction
Inner nourishment
Working with elementals of earth and water


Flowing river -emotional healing and transformation  

10 minutes £9.89

High vibrational light language clearing and healing

Listen to your own feelings – what are you feeling
What are you trying to control
What are you resisting
Where are you judging yourself and why
What is the source of that judgment
Who do you need to forgive and therefore to release
Enter the flow of your own river and you will enter the period of grace and ease.

As you let go, all is falling into place. As you stop resisting, you enter the period of grace, ease and flow. All is now unfolding in the perfect divine timing, as you let go of the resistance, all is happening much faster, all is speeding up and taking the momentum. You can see the other shore, keep vision of you seeing yourself being there as you are healing and transforming.


Entering the flow of love

£5.07  11 minutes

Inner child healing with Rhodonite

Connecting with energy of love
Recovering of inner gifts
Revealing of one’s gifts or hidden skills
Bringing in energy of self-worth
Compassion, love, generosity
Heart and root chakras

Spiritual mastery with Labradorite

Awakening of intuitive powers
Activating of the inner eye
Energy of unity
Strengthening aura
Connecting with the unseen
Calling upon higher awareness

Cobalto-Calcite – entering the flow of the heart

Attunement to the pink flame of pure, compassionate love
Removing of the emotional blocks, loneliness, grief and broken heart
Emotionall maturity
Energy of the mother/goddess energy

Chaorite -revealing a path of your higher purpose

Clearing of the density of the old mother energy
Purifying the auric field
Release of unconscious fears
Transmutation of the old patterns of imbalance – the old mother/goddess energy
Your higher purpose, commitment to your soul
Grounding of the new energetic template of the Mother/Goddess energy high frequency into the
physical realm.


Manifestation sacred healing for 2022 – New Moon in Capricorn

1 hour and 1 minute £30.14

Powerful sacred affirmation, clearing of the sacred space, empowerment healing, all chakra balancing and cleaning, shamanic quantum healing journeying,’ Sacred Goddess Healing’ and connecting with her manifestation healing powers – beautiful powerful sacred healing, high vibrational light language transmissions.

All healing activations are available to purchase  on Abandantia Holistic Therapies Vimeo.




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