Human Mind Channelled Message Apophyllite

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Human Mind Channelled Message Apophyllite

Consciousness of humanity is currently evolving and so there are those who are willing to expand and there are those who are resisting and holding on the old paradigm. It is fear of the unknown, and doubt of it, not trusting the inner knowing and the higher wisdom of your-self. We are asking not to judge, not to comment but rather look at everything from the higher perspective and understanding. Those who have ascended can access knowledge that is beyond the human mind therefore for those who are resisting this might seem as a deceit of some kind.

If something cannot be proven it is often doubted and discarded. However, we are here to inform. Each of you carries a specific blueprint and light codes that are unique to you. Therefore, it means that each of you has his own truth what she or he feels in their higher heart. There is no need to compare yourself to others, there is no need to hide also, but on the contrary, find the courage to express what needs to be said. As you all know there are two emotions – love and fear. From those two feelings, many other emotions rise, depending what you have chosen to vibrate at. However, for some it might look repetitive talking about the same – love and fear. Some might think that so much has been written about it and it is not something knew.

Remember, there is ‘new’ every day, the flower or the rose is not the same as it was yesterday. The day before it had a different energy and today the flower is older. So, for some of you, everything looks the same because you perceive the world through your mind. Mind loves deceiving, mind loves when the past is projected into the present moment so you miss the most precious gift of your life – the now. Mind loves making things difficult and hard for you. Mind loves struggles and effort and when it gives away too much energy. Remember that this is the biggest deception. The Universe has never indented you to struggle, neither to waste your energy because as you do that, your cells and your body becomes tired and drained. You age faster when you give away your life force energy to others, when you put too much energy into something that is so difficult to accomplish.

DSC06585The only reason for this is that you live your life in your head and not in your heart and you are not aligned with your soul’s purpose. It is all in your mind all your life is there – too many confusing and scattered thoughts and you are trying to control and manage all of them. And thoughts are just jumping as they wish to, from one place to another and you keep chasing your thoughts all your life, wondering why has everything been so difficult? The only way out is to sit down and watch your mind. Why is your mind so scattered? What is the fuel that supports your mind to be uncontrollable? Where does it come from? Mind might look complicated but it Is not. Mind is just a tool to be used to create. The healthy mind is connected to the heart and to the higher self, the most amazing things can be expressed and manifested in the physical reality then. So, what to do? How to silence your mind? Remember that the mind runs on a programming.

This is programming has been passed to you when you were born and it has been given to you by your ancestors. Until you discover your programming, your mind will play with you and control your life. Our advice to you so not being afraid of your mind but rather accept what is happening to you. Acceptance of your current situation is the start point to your healing. And so now you can go deep down to your psyche to dig out all those hidden thoughts that have never been expressed. Those thoughts might be your conditioning, many thoughts about you and what you probably do not like about yourself. So, go there, meet your thoughts and see what is their origin. Trace them down to the beginning and follow the first thought where it all started. Once you discover the first, distorted thought, embrace this thought, forgive it and now transmute its energy into the higher wisdom for the greatest of the whole existence and creation. Namaste.


‘I am pure joy, high consciousness and the higher wisdom can be accessed through me. I am here to share this with all you, you are very welcome to attune to my energy. My vibrations are very high and aligned all your chakras and activate your higher wisdom. I offer energy of a pure light, you can see crystal points as they sparkle with their inner beauty to be shared. I share presence and the moment of Now. I also invite to explore other dimensions and realities. My energy is here to encourage the evolution of consciousness for all of the humanity. Because the energy is very strong I ask you to use a crystal for grounding for you to be able to express these energies in your physical reality. I love moon energy bath. I raise vibrations in the environment and support energy healers. I also protect and create a shield of white light around those who asks for it.

Namaste. Divas of Apophyllite.’

Copyright Katarina Rhodes