Indian Head Massage

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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a very enjoyable treatment. This Ancient art is calming, re-energizing, stimulating and highly satisfying. The massage is simple, effective as it requires no undressing or use of specific equipment and can be performed almost anywhere. The treatment involves massage to shoulders, arms, upper neck, face, ears, scalp and might include chakra balancing while the client remains sitting comfortably in a chair fully clothed. The upper body parts are vulnerable as we tend to hold tension in these areas due to either stressful way of living, sedentary lifestyle or poor posture. The treatment revitalizes the blood circulation and helps to remove toxins from the body. The regular massage can also improve the condition of your hair as the massage stimulates supply of oxygen and nutrients in to the living cells of hair.

Ayurveda and Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage comes from a traditional healing system in India, called Ayurveda. The word Ayurveda means ‘Knowledge of Life or ‘Science of Life’. This healing system dates back five thousand years. Ayurveda is based on a deep unity with the soul and the movement of the universal life force energy (Prana, Chi) as well as its manifestations within our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies.

Ayurveda’s starting point is the understanding of universal energies that are present in all living beings – air, fire, water, earth and ether. Ayurveda sees the intimate connection of all our bodily functions with the outer universe – Sun, Moon and wind. Those elements govern all activity in nature. Sun is represented by fire and relates to Pitta (biological fire), Moon is represented by earth and water and relates to Kapha (water in human bodies) and the wind is combination of air and ether that relates to Vata (air in human bodies). Sun provides heat and light, Moon is connected to water and emotions, and the wind embodies movement.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

  • Reduces tensions
  • Increases blood circulation and lymph
  • Helps to boost immune system
  • Stimulates and relaxes the nervous system
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Creates feeling of wellbeing
  • Promotes relaxation
  • General balancing, promoting sense of calmness
  • Helps to balance chakras and release stagnant energy

Indian Head Massage Session

The first session will involve a consultation, discussing medical history and checking for any contraindications.

The session lasts approximately 30 to 35 minutes.

The Indian head massage is a complementary therapy.

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