Magical Intuitive Readings with Tarot and Oracle Cards

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Magical Intuitive Readings with Tarot and Oracle Cards

Intuitive Tarot and oracle card reading is a visual tool that is designed to speak directly to your soul. Each image, symbol, number or colour carries an energetic imprint that is associated with four elemental forces – earth, air, fire and water.  Symbols convey messages and when I work with symbols I tap into my intuition. Symbols provide a valuable knowledge and insights about a situation or people.

You might be drawn to readings because you are looking for an answer on a deeper level. Readings offer a story that looks into the present, into the past, into the future and into possible outcomes. Cards express people, personalities, events and situations in your life.

Your tarot and oracle spread will reveal energies that are around you at the time of your reading.



Experiencing Tarot and Oracle Cards Readings

Daily readings with tarot help to navigate through energies that are often not visible to physical senses. Each suits depict a different energy and when combined with numerology and a reader’s intuition, potentials of an outcome can be presented in a more precise way. I work with many different decks and I perceive readings as a sacred art. Tarot and oracle cards are an amazing tool to practise visualization and manifestation through an art work of tarot. By practising readings daily, I have discovered and awakened my dormant, intuitive, channelling gifts that have been growing through daily use of cards and working on readings. Symbols and images speak to our subconscious minds, it is here where our psychic abilites are.

A dedicated space to readings is decorated with candles, incense, crystals, spiritual artwork, plants, crystal grids, sacred geometry plates, tarot velvet cloth, music and essential oils. Each reading carries a different energy and mood. I do enjoy the physical presence of the four of suits in my dedicated space.

  • Pentacles as earth element: crystals, crystal grids, sacred geometry, flowers, seeds
  • Swords as air element: feathers, incense, leaves
  • Wands as fire element: candles, cinnamon
  • Cups as water element: bowl of water, seashell, picture of waterfall.




Types of Reading and Spreads

Creating and doing readings is a sacred event. Here are examples of spreads that I use in creating readings for the following types of readings:

  • General readings and energies
  • Love and relationships
  • Works, career, abundance and prosperity
  • Spiritual path and higher purpose
  • Twin Flame In-depth Intuitive Reading
  • All seven chakras full energy readings with light language, crystals and crystal grids


Intuitive  Readings

Intuitive Reading 25 minutes £35.00

Intuitive Reading 35 minutes £45.00

Intuitive Reading 45 minutes £64.00

Intuitive Reading 60 minutes £85.00


  • Paypal service

Spring Promotions – valid until the end of May 2018

  • 30 minutes free healing with light language with your first booking either with a private reading or as a part of your first healing session
  • Receive a personalized crystal grid when you book a chakra healing reading with light language (in a form of a private video and with light language transmission based on your chakra healing reading)

NEW – Love Oracle Messages 25 minutes £35.00

Receive three oracle cards messages from your divine counterpart, one chakra oracle card to get clarity on what blockages are to be removed, light language transmission and healing.

(all readings are provided as a private recorded video)

Disclaimer: All tarot, oracle and intuitive readings are for entertainment purposes only. All clients are responsible for their own decisions and choices.

Tarot and Oracle Cards Intuitive Readings

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