Natural Face Lift Massage Treatment

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Natural Face Lift Massage Treatment

Natural Face Lift Massage Treatment

The way of living, combination of diet, environment, level of stress, mental and emotional wellbeing, will show on your face and will reflect the condition of your skin. The face is the most unprotected part of your body so it usually starts ageing much faster. The mixture of internal and external factors will influence when your ageing begins. In your twenties, cell turnover decreases and as we approach our thirties and forties, the decline of the new cells replacement is even more obvious.

A technique called natural face lift massage can give you a natural face lift. The natural face lift massage can delay the aging process, tones the completion, releases stress and tension in your face, enhances your natural beauty, removes the toxins from the face, increases blood circulation, improves lymphatic flow, strengthens and tones facial muscles and stimulates the nervous system, reduces wrinkles and balances the flow of the life force energy.

Natural face lift massage combines a series of massage techniques which have an effect on your skin as a natural facelift without employing surgery. Vast numbers of people are affected by facial tension which leads to puffiness, lines and wrinkles.

The main techniques used in natural face lift massage come from Ayurveda. Ayurveda is five thousand years old and it means ‘Science of Life’. It is the traditional healing system in India. Ayurveda does not consider the human being as a limited set of biochemical processes, it does not view the mind as purely as a function of a brain, and it does not regard you as a result of social circumstances. Rather Ayurveda sees the human soul as a pure awareness, directly interconnected with the universal energy and as well as being part of this wonderful creation. Ayurveda places great significance on massage as being a fundamental to our health and natural beauty which should be incorporated into our daily lives to promote harmony and happiness.

Natural Face Lift Session

Natural face lift massage is a blend of techniques deriving from Indian face massage, acupressure and Swedish style massage techniques.

During the natural face lift massage you will feel deeply relaxed, your whole body energies will be balanced by using acupressure, massage will smooth and lift facial line expressions, your circulation will greatly improve. The treatment usually takes 30 to 35 minutes but the treatment can be adapted to an hour sessions and can be combined with other therapies which are listed with Abundantia Holistic Therapies. It is recommended to receive the treatment once a week for a minimum of four weeks for an optimum facial lift and after the fourth treatment, the maintenance once a month should be sufficient.

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