New Moon in Gemini Crystal Ceremony

New Moon in Gemini Crystal Ceremony

Date:  25 May 2017

New Moon Ceremony

Location: London

Price:     £38.00

Time:     early evening time tbc (two hours ceremony)

Crystals can be purchased on arrival

This New Moon in Gemini is about starting a fresh new cycle. This New Moon in Gemini invites us to look deep into shadows of our being and asks us to bring awareness and light into those aspects of ourselves that we have been suppressing. The divine feminine has not been heard and acknowledged for thousands of years. She is now fully awakened and ready to express what she feels deep inside. Divine feminine represents nurturing, self-love, loving nature, receptivity, oneness, harmony, peace.

  • Gemini represents masculine energy, image is the Twins, ruler is Mercury.
  • Gemini are about being mentally alert, quick-thinking, they can be restless, curious, and they are connected to communications.
  • Mercury rules communication, thinking, learning.


At this New Moon, you are asked to look at your unexpressed parts of yourself, embrace them, send them healing and integrate them into your being without any judgement or attachments to the past circumstances or guilt. At this time, it is very important to see ourselves as we are because as we plant news seeds and if some of the shadows aspects of ourselves have not been embraced or accepted, the news seeds will carry energy of these shadow aspects of ourselves which we do not accept about ourselves or which we do not love about ourselves. When making wishes at this New Moon remember to become aware of the subtle energy that hides beyond your thoughts and those hidden motives. Welcome both parts of yourself both dark and light, be honest about what you are trying to hide or what you are trying to deny, open your heart to truthful expressions and communications, use your wisdom, look at the deeper meaning that underlies in all your experiences, transform these lessons into new seeds that will bring amazing manifestations into your life based on integrity, understanding, wisdom and awareness.

What to wish for when the New Moon is in Gemini:

  • To improve communication skills
  • Expressions based on truth
  • Listening and understanding different opinions
  • Awareness
  • Accepting all as they are
  • Enjoying the present moment
  • Positive and easy daily interactions
  • Calming mental anxiety and activity

New Moon represents a new cycle. New Moon energies lead us towards opening our hearts, expanding our views and to reconnect with the higher awareness of our being.  The New Moon time is also about awakening and giving birth to our new-self, emerging from the darkness and coming to the light, exposing our inner light, it is also about accepting for who we are and honouring ourselves.

The creative energies are available to you at this time so if you wish to plant new seeds for the next coming month, New Moon is the best time for this.

It is going to be a magical full of crystal rituals evening accompanied by belly dancing.

If you would like to attend please email to

Venue and the location to be confirmed.