New Moon in Pisces Healing Manifestation Goddess Circle

 3 March 2022, 8.30pm GMT

Duration: one hour (recording is available to purchase)


New Moon in Pisces  Specials’ between 1 March and 4 March  2022 –48 HOURS TURNOVER – this applies to readings, quantum healing sessions, shamanic healing sessions or both and to home hand-made customised healing candles.


Astrological updates for this New Moon in Pisces

Venus – the planet of love and the Mars – the planet of passion are both aligned in Capricorn. You might be feeling lots of intensity when it comes to your relationships and perhaps a need for a decision might come up at this time.

This new moon in Pisces is an ideal time for manifesting a new beginning and a fresh start, harvesting all that you have worked for so hard.

This is a very beautiful New Moon in Pisces – manifesting the spiritual/divine union that is to be based on the deepest truth that to be recognise within yourself.

Pisces are here to guide us to dive deep within and to assist us to connect with the deepest emotions and feelings.



Patience is a seed, patience is required in order to experience the fruition of your hard work.

Patience is considered as the self-mastery in a very challenging situations. It is to trust a skill of diving timing, this is where the beauty of patience is born.

Patience is teaching to go deeper, to see that beauty within yourself, rather than instant, something quick and easy.

Great spiritual power is born from patience, patience teaches to slow down and go deeply.

With patience you grow, your soul grows, like a flower from a seed it is all happening, it is  very subtle , it is a part of your growth to become this beautiful flower, for your fruition to be enjoyed not only as the external but also from within. Patience is the divine quality to teach to enjoy your path. The crystal for patience is Blue lace agate and green jade.

In this healing we have powerful energies here, the patience is guiding you to recognise your own healer within yourself, to discover the power of the universe within yourself, share your knowledge and lead by example.

Be open to the meeting – new solutions is coming to the old problems. The Goddess is crossing the water and as she is crossing the river she is bringing blessing of peace and compassion, as you discover a healer within yourself, new solutions are going to be presented.



inner happiness; trusting the inner: spiritual healing compassion: releasing of feeling helpless; feelings of loneliness; surrendering to the higher power; spiritual purification healing through the power of love -the universal power of love wishes for total forgiveness; non- judgments acceptance and compassion acceptance of the divine /universal love without trying to control love; feeling and emotion; dreams and mystery; clairvoyance; deep intuition and trust. 



Pisces is a mutable water sign, and the ruler is Neptune, they are the last zodiac sign. Pisces represents the oneness, the sign is Fish. Pisces energy is very sensitive, fishes swim between two words.  In the tarot, The Moon card is associated with Pisces. Pisces are intuitive however they can be illusionary too.

There are two fishes that swim in the opposite directions – one is swimming towards awareness and the other towards the unconscious, the past. The moon symbolizes confusion, fears of the unknown, feeling lost in emotions. Both fishes create the eternal cycle, diving deep and listening to the inner guidance, paying attention to symbols and messages from the subtle realms.

Neptune the ruler of Pisces, guides one towards his/hers unconscious, to dissolve the ego and its limitations, to transcend that what is not real. This is to be achieved  through sacrifice of leaving the material world behind in order to attain the higher level of consciousness.

Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, is associated with the fate and the highest destiny.

The wheel of fortune is the external circumstance presented to you in the third dimensional reality. No matter what is going in the external, The Wheel of fortune can never be controlled, we have no power to change that.  The wheel of fortune constantly moves towards the direction that your higher-self guides you -it is your inner guidance and trust that you will pass  the initiation process. Then the wheel of fortune will turn again and again, each goes towards the higher and higher. Jupiter represents energy of growth and expansion.



Pisces  season from 18 February  to 20  March – depending on the year

 The tarot card that is associated with Pisces is ‘The Moon’.

The Moon represents both intuition and illusions. There are two dogs depicted on the card. One dog is much more calmer but the other one appears to be going through some kind of  internal conflict. This is the time to close the eyes and reflect on the inner truths as something very deep or important might come out to the surface. The card symbolizes the imagination or a feeling  of being apart from the spirit but also the deep trust of taking a challenge of the unknown. To heal the internal conflict, one need to connect with the guidance of the higher self and their soul’s  wisdom.



Further meanings of the card: feeling disillusioned, feeling lost, trusting the inner guidance, mystery, hidden secrets, confusion, a lack of trust, hidden fears, emotions might be running high, emotional healing and release, pay attention to your feelings, understanding of the emotional patterns, intuitive messages, dreams, you are asked to broaden your understanding and awareness, diving deeply, examine emotional conflict.



Angelic Assistance Candle

This yin yang candle for the zodiac sign Pisces is created to bring forth the help of Archangel Raphael, the angel of natural healing and support and Archangel Gabriel , the angel of truth, simplicity and honest communication. Archangel Raphael works with the green colour. Simply invoke Archangel Raphael to come to assists you and you will start feeling his comforting presence. The white colour represents purity and is associated with Archangel Gabriel. By working with this candle, you can receive purification or clarity that you might need. Reflect quietly, ask both Archangels to come to forward so you can open up to the higher perspective of your situation. This beautiful candle can enhance clairvoyance, connection to subtle messages or can lead towards rediscovering the mystery of your dreams.

Holistic Dragon Goddess Healing recommendation for this New Moon in  Pisces  




These are the best crystals for Pisces and New Moon Manifestation Healing Ceremony’:

amethyst, ametrine, aquamarine, black onyx, carnelian, clear quartz, labradorite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, sodalite.