Relax with Reiki Today

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Relax with Reiki Today


Reiki is a complimentary therapy and can be combined with other alternative techniques. I personally combine Reiki with crystals and as I am attuned to Reiki automatically, you will receive a Reiki healing energy with any of holistic massages we have on offer. Reiki always flows exactly where it is needed.

During a Reiki session, you will feel sense of deep relaxation, inner calmness, a feeling of caring or being nurtured. However, sensations might be different for each recipient – experiencing warmth, heat, coolness or tingling are common signs.

Reiki balances emotional, mental and physical bodies therefore works holistically and treats the whole person. The healing needs to happen at the emotional and mental level- all suppressed emotions, negative thoughts, sabotaging thinking patterns, addictions, anger, guild, shame, fear, worry needs to be understood and addressed before the physical symptoms can be released.

Frequency of Reiki treatments

Reiki is suitable for anybody – babies, children, elderly or even pregnant women. Number of treatments depends on how you feel and what you wish to heal. To release stress, anxiety or just to relax, one treatment every two or three weeks might be enough, however if you are looking to heal your emotional and mental bodies on a deeper level, you will need a course of Reiki treatments over regularly over a longer period to achieve the desired results.

DSC06941We are all unique and we all carry different energetic frequency and vibrations. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the healing must happen on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels first. Healing of the same ailment may be very different in two people. We are energetic beings, holding different thoughts patterns, emotions and feeling therefore healing cannot be promised. It is important to understand that any unexpressed emotions or feelings cause energetic blockages in the energy body and when left unaddressed, over the number of years the physical symptoms will start to appear. The physical ailment is usually a ‘wake up’ call to look at our lives that changes are needed.

Benefits of Reiki

  • Balances spirit, mind and body
  • Releases energy blockages and helps to the body to heal
  • Helps to express unexpressed emotions and receive love
  • Helps with self-love, self-worth and self-value
  • Helps to increase creativity, passion and zest for life
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, worries
  • Releases energetic blockages that might be stuck in chakras
  • Releases toxins and tensions from the body
  • Helps to redefine our way of living
  • Helps to release irritation, calms and balances
  • Helps to release need to control
  • Helps to move with the natural flow of life
  • Helps to align one with his/her aspects of personality and helps to accept one they are
  • Releases guilt and shame about sexuality
  • Aids with sleep
  • Helps to release past wounds, pains and grief

Try a Reiki session with us to see how you feel and respond.

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