Sacred Keys to Manifest Twin Flame Union

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Sacred Keys to Manifest Twin Flame Union

Vertical Alignment 

The present moment is when you feel and experience a total peace within, complete harmony and balance in such a way that you are connected in a vertical alignment with the whole cosmos. It is this present moment, where you are aligned on a vertical axes with the whole cosmos, when you recognise you true potential of creating and where a true gift of the present moment exists. It is here, where you bring your higher light of your higher self into your physical body.

Once you aligned yourself with the present moment of the whole cosmos on the vertical axes,  you become your own conscious creator, a creator that will be creating from a space of unconditional love for all beings. The present moment is a moment that connects with everything you need to know and understand at the time. It is this present moment where you are able to recognize the universal truth, the universal truth of the creation and seeing yourself as a sacred being of love and light.

In the present moment there is only love, pure unconditional love where all dances together in one big orchestra. The present moment we are referring to, is not the present moment the human mind might understand from its three dimensional plane of perceiving the reality.

We are referring to the present moment when all your past timelines from all the previous lives have been cleared from all energetic distortions that have been created,  including any blockages in the tantric creative channels which your sacred creative energy runs through. We are referring to the present moment where all these distortions have been completely released from your emotional bodies, from your cells, from all layers of your auric field-  where all programmings from many generations have been stored so you can understand you true nature as wonderful being of Love and Light.

These past life times and time lines are deeply stored in your DNA  and these memories need to be released in order for you to understand your true nature as a creative being of love and light. and for you to become aware how you allowed these distorted energies into your DNA and into you cells, how you invited these lower energetic frequencies into your subtle energy bodies, how these distortions have been created and become ‘you’ and how these distortions have been distracting you from your present moment, how these energies have manipulated you and have preventing you from receiving your abundance and how they have kept you away from the vertical alignment with the whole cosmos.

It is the mind and its programming that have been put into human’s mental bodies for the purpose of creating distortions, thus keeping humanity away from the present moment and the universal truth.

It is only possible in the present moment for the universal creative energy to flow through your energy channels and for you being able to access the higher wisdom. The higher truth can only be accessed once humanity dissolves their minds and programmings that have been put into their energetic bodies.

These energetic imprints have been keeping human’s energetic frequency at a level that they would not be able to access the higher wisdom, the wisdom that can only be accessed once the energetic frequency of one’s energy bodies are purified, cleansed and completely exhausted as the higher wisdom can only be channelled through a purity of one’s heart and his/her soul.

The present moment is a gift to all humanity, however humanity has given away this beautiful gift. Many distractions have been placed onto your path, and those distractions have been only there to keep you away from a precious gem that you all were born with – this gem sits in your heart – it is your light, your soul.

Connect with your heart to clear and purge away all that is false and keeps you away from the present moment and from your soul’s light. All that which keeps you away from the present moment are old suppressed and not processed emotions, carried over from one generation to another,  being stored in your cells/in your DNA and thus creating energetic distortions, lowering your energetic frequency and consciousness with each new generation in order to keep humanity trapped in the same energetic frequency of these energetic distortions’s whirlpool.

The frequency that we are entering now is high enough for you all, so you all can be guided back to the present moment, to the vertical alignment with the whole cosmos for you to clear away all that what is preventing you from  creating in the present moment and all that is not in alignment with your soul’s path.

DNA Activations and Healing with Light Language Transmissions

Abundance and Unconditional Love

Your gift is your abundance and unconditional love – everybody is looking and searching for abundance and unconditional love.

Humans understand abundance as ‘money’ which is only the physical manifestation of the sacred sexual energy in this three dimensional plane.  It is for you, now to claim back your sacred sexual creative energy, to free this energy that resides within each of you, ‘ she’ is waiting to be freed and she is going to push harder because she is now completely awakened and she is getting enough support from the universe for ‘her’ to flow freely through every human being. When you experience a free flow of you sexual creative energy – you feel joy, you sense connection with the mother earth, the great central sun, the creator and with all elemental forces.

This creative sacred sexual energy stimulates every cell in your physical body but she can only be accessed in the present moment when you are in the vertical alignment with the whole cosmos where she is free from all energetic distortions that have been blocking this creative sacred sexual energy from her free flow within your energy bodies.

Once she has been freed and anchored in your physical body, you discover a new way of existence, based on ease and unconditional love, peace and you rediscover  your ‘core of being’.

Twin Flames, Present Moment and Their Unity Bodies

Twin flames you need to come back into the present moment, back home to yourself and to your heart because it is here in the present moment, where unity within yourself is, where both aspects of yourself the divine masculine and the divine feminine marry together first.

Your divine counterpart is within you and he/she is always with you and when you are in the present moment, freed from all the past energetic distortions you experience unity within yourself.

When you unite in this this three dimensional plane with your divine counterpart and if this is what your soul has chosen to experience in this current life time, this present moment where both twins unite together is going to be very healing for the rest of the creation and beneficial for all. It is this energetic vibrations that twin flames create and so for others perhaps might be just enough to be in the presence of this healing energy as it will be sufficient  for them to receive healing as they need at that time.

It is in the present moment where both twin flame counterparts will not need to verbalize anything  because when you verbalize, misunderstandings happen because mind comes in and because of the mind, distortions occur and each mind interprets according to their own liking and preference.

Twin Flames  are bringing a new template, a template based on the present moment freed from all the past time lines. This new template is based on the present moment with the vertical alignment with the whole cosmos.  The dance of twin flames energies are felt not only by the divine masculine and by the divine feminine but by everybody who might be around them, everybody will sense twin flame’s  frequency of the unconditional love. It is this present moment, this magical moment when no words need to be said as both divine counterparts trust each other completely, they will sense each other’s energy without any mind, therefore no further distortions are created,  just present moment and the pure love in their hearts and in their souls. This is the magic of the present moment, the wonderful moment when everything happens, this special gift from the creator that is now retuning back to the planet earth.

Sacred Keys to Your Twin Flame Union

Key Number 1

  • You need to free your sexual creative energy from all energetic distortions, mental and mind programming, mutations, hooks and cords to restore her natural flow through all your subtle and energy bodies. Once your creative energy moves through your energy channels, your awareness expands, you connect to the higher energetic frequencies of the higher wisdom, you will see sacredness in your creative energy.

Key Number 2

  • You need to release all the past time lines from all your cells and from your cellular memory, because these energetic distortions have kept your sacred creative energy blocked from her free flow and expression.

Key Number 3

  • These lower energetic frequencies that have been blocking your free flow of your sexual creative energy through your channels need to be transmuted into divine qualities and therefore you also learn how to become an ‘inner alchemist’.

Key Number 4

  • Your vertical alignment with the cosmos brings you back to the present and aligns all your chakras. Therefore the universal flow of abundance and love flows through you again, you get reconnected with all and it is then when the universal abundance and unconditional love can be easily accessed and experienced in your three dimensional plane.

Key Number 5

  • You now fully understand your true nature as a being of love and light. You are in your unity body with both aspects of yourself divine masculine and divine feminine perfectly balanced and aligned. You are now connected to a radiance of your soul, your dormant DNA is now being activated, your light body is alive, your souls shines outwards as your heart chakra opens as a beautiful lotus flower. The energetic vibrations that you now vibrate at, will naturally push out any lower energetic frequencies from your chakra system and auric field as your soul naturally transmutes these distortions into light and into unconditional love. (Copyright Katarina Rhodes)

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