Shamanic quantum healing – removing a mask of falsity and illusions

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Shamanic quantum healing – removing a mask of falsity and illusions


Shamanic Quantum Healing Journeying – Openness to destiny and preparation for a major shift on the life path -a storyteller of Shamanka – removing the mask of falsity and illusions 

Shamanic Quantum Healing Journeying

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one hour healing with light language transmissions £32.00

  • releasing the mind programming of being critical of yourself or any of other judgments you might hold about yourself
  • shamanic journeying to the Upper World
  • connection with your physical body to establish healthy state of your being
  • releasing thoughts of confusion and constant overanalysing of a past situation
  • acknowledgment of the inner struggle and releasing of any reactive energy within
  • appreciation and seeing value in all experiences, seeing all as opportunities to grow
  • releasing fears of change
  • releasing of tendencies to be perfect, worries and critical judgements of yourself
  • releasing of blaming yourself or others
  • creating a new energetic frequency of balance within
  • releasing of anything that prevents healing to occur in your situation due to mental thinking
  • releasing of pleasing others mind programming
  • releasing of the idea of needing to be perfect in everything
  • rediscovering playfulness and spontaneity instead within self to overcome self-criticism, over analysing of the self and judgments about how things should have been done and what would have happen
  • breaking free from the past from the holograms of illusions, projections  and falsity of the mind

high vibrational light language transmissions

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, planet of communicating and learning. 

Virgo’s image is the Virgin Goddess, it is mutable earth sign. She is very practical, creative, artistic, she represent the energy of caring and healing, she wants to put things right. There are lessons in everything and so she needs to learn to forgive herself in order to move forward and raise above the past mistakes. She is very affectionate, Virgo does not really shows her feelings, she wants to have things in a certain order so she knows where she knows where she stands in her life.


feminine, mutable earth sign

practical, creative

seeks results

physical and mental wellbeing


thinking, communicating

learning, expression through words

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