Tarot and Oracle Cards Intuitive Readings

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Tarot and Oracle Cards Intuitive Readings

Autumn  2022 SPECIALS 

Full Moon in Aries  Specials’ between 6 October  2022  and 10 October 2022 – applies to readings, quantum healing sessions, shamanic healing sessions or both and to home hand-made customised healing candles.’


One hour ‘Special that includes a deep intuitive reading and a quantum healing

6% off on 35 minutes ‘deep intuitive readings’

Quantum healing session special – 45 minutes at £54.00

Personalized ‘light language healing recording’ 15 minutes at £20.00 – 24 HOURS TURNOVER












Welcome to Tarot and Oracle Cards Readings page. My name is Katarina and I am a spiritual teacher, certified Reiki Master and crystal healer. I coordinate my intuitive and clairsentient skills in Tarot/oracle cards readings and in healing consultations. I am very grateful to assist with the soul’s evolution for the humanity, its spiritual growth and expansion. In my work, I combine various tarot or oracle cards, different spreads together with crystals and Reiki energy.

How do I read cards?
I use a variety of tarot and oracle card decks. My readings come from a place of the inner knowing, intuition, channeled messages and clairsentience. I read the energy from the cards presenting at the time of the reading. Everything changes as we change our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions and thinking habits. Remember that nothing stays still. Energy is all around us, moving and flowing. I see tarot and oracle cards as an art. Beautiful expression through paintings, colours and symbols.

There is so much depth to be discovered when it comes the higher mind. This is the universal mind that is ever expanding and flowing. Before each reading, I practise deep meditation to reconnect with the higher-self, my spirit guides and ascended masters. Please remember that you have free will to create therefore, the readings should be considered as a guidance. Please visit my Youtube channel Abundantia Holistic Therapies to see the style of readings or Abundantia Holistic Therapies Facebook page by clicking the Facebook button and Youtube icon at the bottom of this page.

The tarot/oracle card readings I currently offer are 25,35, 45 and 60 minutes of length and will be sent to you via Youtube. To buy your reading please go to Tarot and Oracle Cards Readings page or please visit page Book a Session or Contact us should you have any questions. Please note that All sales are final.

We offer Skype Healing Consultations, Distant Reiki and Crystal Sessions, Healings Consultations with Reiki, crystals, spiritual guidance with tarot/oracle cards. More details can be found under Therapies on Abundantia Holistic Therapies website.


Examples of decks used in my work

Vintage Wisdom Oracle Cards, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, Shamanic Healing, Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle Cards, Healing Cards by Caroline Myss, Universal Love Healing Oracle Cards, Keepers of Light Oracle Cards, Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards, Universal Tarot, The Llevellyn Tarot, Mystic Dreamer Tarot, After Tarot: Tarot Deck, Tarot of New Vision, Rumi Oracle, Crystal Mandala Oracle, Tarot Mucha,The Romantic Tarot, The Druid Tarot, Archangel Power Tarot.

You are welcome to enter the world of this amazing and fascinating energy. Welcome to Tarot and Oracle Cards world. Tarot and oracle cards encourage to trust intuition; cards help to open the psychic senses to be able to perceive beyond physical or to provide spiritual guidance.

Please read below to choose your reading.

I will contact a new customer within 24 hours with the further details.

Once the payment has been made, the reading of your choice will be sent to you via Youtube or by email. The turn-over at the moment is approximately of SEVEN TO SIXTEEN DAYS.

Types of reading and spreads

Creating and doing readings is a sacred event. Here are spreads that I use in creating readings for the following types of readings:

  • General readings and energies
  • Love and relationships
  • Works, career, abundance and prosperity
  • Spiritual path and higher purpose
  • Twin Flame In-depth Intuitive Reading
  • All seven chakras full energy readings with light language, crystals and crystal grids

READINGS AND SPREADS ( length of readings £35.00 for 25 minutes; £45.00 for 35 minutes;  £64.00 for 45 minutes; 60 minutes in-depth reading £85.00)

  • Twin Flame in-depth Intuitive Reading £45.00 for 35 minutes/a shorter version £35.00 for 25 minutes available

The spread is designed to give a clearer picture of the relationship – the spread looks at your inner self and all aspects related. There are more than 12 cards in the spread that are used in combination with clarifiers cards and I use two spreads in this reading also in combination with oracle cards for each feminine and masculine to go into more depth. The length of reading is 25 minutes.

  • General in-depth Intuitive Reading £45.00 for 35 minutes/a shorter version £35.00 for 25 minutes available 

In this spread I use tarot and oracle cards in combination with clarifies. There are two spreads in this reading. Both spreads provides in-depth insight into your current situation and answers to your questions. The length of the reading is 35 minutes.

  • General Love in-depth Intuitive Reading £45.00 for 35 minutes/a shorter version £35.00 for 25 minutes available

The spread is designed to give a clearer picture of the relationship – the spread looks at your inner self and aspects related.There are more than 15 cards in the spread that are used in combination with clarifiers cards and I use two or three spreads in this reading also in combination with oracle cards for each feminine and masculine to go into more depth. The length of the reading is 35 minutes.

  • One Hour in-depth Intuitive Reading £85.00 for 60 minutes

In this spread I use more than 20 cards in combination with oracle and clarifies cards, two, three spreads or four spreads,  this is one hour in-depth reading that gives you a detailed insight of all energies and potentials.

  • ‘Special’ tarot reading and oracle cards by email or via private recorded video  £21.00 (15 minutes) (I run announcements on my Facebook page, on my youtube channel and other social media)

A have various options for this type of reading  that is used in combination with oracle cards. This is an easy spread very, straightforward three card spread looking either into the past, present and possible future and outcome, combined with oracle cards. The reading may be sent by email along with a photo of your spread or via private link.

  • Love oracle reading/channeled messages 25 minutes £35.00

Receive oracle cards messages from your divine counterpart, chakra oracle cards to get clarity on what are to be removed, light language transmission and healing. I use specific tarot decks for this type of reading – The Enchanted Love Tarot, Hush Tarot, Celebration of Love Oracle, Rumi Oracle and many others.

  • All seven chakras full energy reading with crystals is now available – this reading includes the energy reading for each chakra – included light language healing and balancing 

Book now and get a full understanding of the chakras system and see which chakra requires rebalancing.This reading is 35 minutes long and gives you the full insight about each of your chakras. Crystals for each energy centre will also be used during a reading for the more depth reading and guidance. The price of this type of reading is £45.00 and the length of the reading is 35 minutes.

Tarot and Oracle Intuitive Readings Prices 

Intuitive Reading 25 minutes £35.00

Intuitive Reading 35 minutes £45.00

Intuitive Reading 45 minutes £64.00

Intuitive Reading 60 minutes £85.00

(all readings are provided as a private recorded video)

All Seven Chakras Full Energy Reading Session with Crystals and Light Language


Abundantia Holistic Therapies offers Light Body Healing Programmes, Skype consultations and sessions, Quantum healing session with light language transmissions, Twin Flame healing and coaching sessions, Shamanic soul retrieval with light language transmissions, Webinars and quantum healing energy coaching sessions, Distant healing with Reiki and Crystals. To book your session please email on reservations@abundantiaholistictherapies.co.uk. 

Disclaimer: All tarot, oracle and intuitive readings are for entertainment purposes only. All clients are responsible for their own decisions and choices.


Light Body Healing Programmes, Skype Consultations, Sessions and Coaching

I’ve worked with Katarina for a while and she has been helping me with my healings. I never thought I would understand what was going on in my life until she explained it. I put in the work by doing my healings so things were becoming more clear to me everyday. Recently she did a personal reading for me. I always admired the readings she does for the collective and never thought about getting a reading for myself. I was AMAZED. I didn’t know my reading would help me with my healings as well. But it did. I always loved the way she would do the ones on YouTube and I would tell her I hope to do card readings as good as her. It’s so unique. If you watch the reading on YouTube then you can pick up on things that you might be going through in the future or you are going through now and it helps you along the way to go deeper inside. I get so happy when she does card readings because that means it more for me to learn about myself and my situation. She did a personal energy reading for me, my twin and I, then the karmic and my twin. I was triggered a lot with the karmic, but what I learned that I was able to clear up these triggers with my healings which was a big help because we don’t realise some things are hidden inside of us that is waiting to be released. I feel any reading Katarina does is really good. She take her time to explain and break down things for you. My experience with her healings and readings are amazing. She is a kind, caring, and a generous person. It is a blessing to know her and work with her. We are in two different parts of the world and she knows things about me to help me before I would even tell her anything. She is soooo good. She is experienced, been through a lot and she has taught herself everything she shares thats why she is able to help others so their journey would not have to be so hard especially if you are on your own.

Magical Intuitive Readings with Tarot and Oracle Cards